Windows Phone 9 testing begins; also, Windows 9 gets a mention from Microsoft

With all the excitement and speculation surrounding Windows Blue as of late, I thought I would take a jaunt around a few trusty avenues to see if anyone was making mention of products beyond Blue — namely, Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9. Sure enough, we can now add Windows Phone 9 to the watch list as mentions of it are finally beginning to surface. And though Windows 9 has been on my radar since August of last year, Microsoft was kind enough to throw us a bone, as I’ll detail later in the article.

First, we have an employee at Microsoft who says the following in her profile:

Curiously, she mentions a “Windows 9 OS,” which I’m assuming is meant to read “Windows Phone 9 OS.” Before Windows Blue was clarified, one of the most prevalent rumors was that Microsoft sought to unify not just the UI of Windows across all devices, but the Windows brand as a whole across all devices.

Such an effort on Microsoft’s behalf wouldn’t be too surprising at this point, so maybe there really is something more to glean from the mention of a “Windows 9 OS” in the capacity of an employee working on the Windows Phone team. Or, maybe she really did just mean “Windows Phone 9 OS.” Either way, it’s quite interesting to see that Nokia, HTC, and Qualcomm devices are early targets for testing of a Windows Phone OS beyond Windows Phone Blue.

Next up, we have an employee from iSoftStone (a Microsoft Gold Partner) who mentions a month-long project involving Windows Phone 8 and 9:

While his short-lived involvement with Windows Phone 9 is self-explanatory, the fascinating thing to me is how this picture is coming together of Windows Blue and Windows Phone Blue being developed in tandem with Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9. It’s almost as though Windows Blue is somewhat of an afterthought — or if not that, then, at the very least, it’s clearly not an all-hands-on-deck endeavor.

Here, we have a mention of Windows 9 (and IE11) in a job ad for a Bing Software Development Engineer:

We utilize cutting edge technologies across the stack from Bing metro application development using WinJS and HTML5, innovative features in IE10 such as flip ahead and much more! The team will be constantly delivering great products in areas including Windows 9, IE11 services integration, touch friendly devices including iPad and more.

So, there it is: mention of Windows 9 straight from Microsoft (as opposed to just employee resumes, like this one and those I wrote about in August 2012).

Perhaps this goes to show that Windows Blue is really just a primer for a larger picture that will paint itself more clearly in the Windows 9/Windows Phone 9 time frame. Or, maybe I’m just reading into it waaaay too much. Either way, now that we know to keep a look out for Windows Phone 9 and Windows 9 references, perhaps more details will begin to emerge soon.

Until then, what do you think Microsoft could have in store for Windows Phone 9 and Windows 9? The jury’s still out on everything that’s being put into Windows Blue, but at this point, I’m far more fascinated by what Microsoft’s vision is beyond Blue.



  1. I get the feeling reading these that Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 are closer than they appear.

    If Blue is a 2013 release, could Windows 9 (regular and phone) be launching in 2014?

  2. Hi! I really love this blog. Tell me please – from where do you have information for ths blog?

  3. (in fact, i am not so good at english) please, windows phone 9 have update for windows phone 8.
    if ms is not doing this, i wil not believe you, so i do not buy windows phone series.
    please. and please, i want update

  4. I think windows blue is the codename of windows 9. Like apollo wa codenaame for win phone 8.

  5. How can Windows 9 release so early, just 1 year after WINDOWS 8 ?! Windows Phone 9 could, however release as it’s meant for phones and updates are timely…. I cannot believe Windows 9 will release just a year after W8. Sorry if you feel offended.

  6. I think we’re losing sight of history here.

    Microsoft have always released at least one, often two Service Packs for each of their modern operating systems. Blue/8.1 is clearly an ‘SP1′ affair, not an afterthought or lower-priority task as is hinted to above. It does sound like Microsoft are ramping things up a little, releasing only one update between major OS revisions — or perhaps the major revisions are smaller than they have been in the past — but the fact remains that Service Packs are standard Microsoft fare, no matter what they’re called.

    And yes, Windows 9 is already being worked on. It’s probably been under development for over a year now. As a future-thinking company you have to be working 5+ years ahead. I’m sure they’re already finalising plans for Windows 10, and working on concepts for Windows 11 and 12 as I write this.

  7. As long as wp 8 users get an upgrade, it still a good news i think.. :D

  8. Windows 9? I just barely got a Windows Phone 8 device lol

  9. @kim dong joo
    You are really in hurry man! It’ll come in 2015! However WP 8 will be supported till sometimes after that.
    All phone OEMs never release such this big upgrades for old devices. If you expect such this upgrades, you should never buy a Windows phone nor an iPhone nor anything else.
    Technology is in progress so fast!

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