• Grilled Mango & Real Food Challenge!

    Grilled Mango & Real Food Challenge!

    Grilled Mangos with Jalepenos Memorial Day is not only an important American holiday but the beginning of grill season! This is an awesome side to any dish. Ingredients: 3 M...
  • Anti-Depression Foods: Omega-3 Foods List

    While it may surprise some that a “fat” would be suggested as an important food in preventing depression, it certainly is. Our bodies regularly need three types of nutrients: fats ...
  • Anti-Depression Foods: Protein List

    Anti-Depression Foods: Protein List

    High protein foods provide amino acids that enable the brain to function in a non-depressive state. A shortage of protein in the diet can increase likelihood of experiencing depres...
  • Tomato Basil Soup

    Tomato Basil Soup

    I felt a little inspired by some cooler weather this week to post an end of summer/fall friendly recipe! Ingredients: (this makes enough for a family of four to eat twice or mor...
El Cangrejo, a story of crabs and steaks

El Cangrejo, a story of crabs and steaks

I cannot imagine the horrors of overeating! But overeat I did! Good thing it was a lunch affair... Here's the scoop on my satisfying indulgence. El Cangrejo, tucked away inside a restaurant compound along Sgt. Esguerra in Quezon City, might look simple and un...
The meal that saved Chinese food

The meal that saved Chinese food

It exists! A good high quality Chinese meal on the average price.  IN METRO MANILA! It's been years since my last visit. I might not like the interiors but I love the food and the price. At 6pm, we had all the wait's attention all to ourselves. Salivate......
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