• Pampanga Express

    Pampanga Express

    Just because... An all-veggie affair making use of the Bicolano's gata cooking technique and the Pampango palate (meaning it's sweeter than spicier!). Don't scream! I just like...
  • Callos and white rice overload

    Callos and white rice overload

    I'm sure you can relate! Pigging out during a celebration. Diet on hold when served a comfort food. Or, even forgetting one's name while savoring delicious dishes. That's me. ...
  • Basic Bulalo Bonding!

    Basic Bulalo Bonding!

    Comfort... Don't we all pine for comfort? Comfortable shoes, comfortable couch, comfortable shirt, comfortable bed, comfortable eyeglasses, comfortable friends, and the list goes o...
  • A delicious happenstance

    A delicious happenstance

    It was meant to be... I laid eyes on you, I knew you'll be great, I got you and took you home, I will never forget you! That was the bowl of shawarma rice I happened upon at Il Mer...
Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is very popular for using on the skin, and also because its fresh-smelling scent is great for air fresheners and a range of other uses. However, the consumption of liquid derived from the plant has, so far, been fairly limited – although aloe Vera ju...
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