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(An edit with a link to the slide has been included at the bottom of this post)

Last month, a presentation was given somewhere in Danmark regarding Windows Mobile. It’s Danish, so I had to hit up Google translate just to see what it was all about. The only thing that is really of interest is the last slide concerning Windows Mobile 7, which essentially serves to reinforce details previously noted by MJ Foley back in February:

WM7 Software Release: November 2009
WM7 Device Release: April 2010

Below the slide, there were a couple of intriguing notes regarding Windows 7 containing FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) and the future of Windows Mobile possibly containing, “location-based services” (whatever that refers to; it would’ve been nice to have actually attended the presentation). Here’s a screenshot of the slide:

Speaking of FOTA, it appears there was a job posting on Microsoft’s site last month hinting at its inclusion in WM7. So, overall, nothing really groundbreaking here; just a bit of confirmation to add to the speculation. =)


EDIT: The validity of this slide has been contested by a number of people, so here’s the link to the presentation: PROVE IT, STEPHEN!

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  1. I believe you, Stephen :)

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