Windows Blue build 9369 leaks: Windows nerds, rejoice!

Well, another build of Windows Blue has just seeped its way out into the public domain, and true to form, I’m downloading that sucker now and preparing to brew a pot of coffee later so as to tear through this build with reckless abandon as I did with the previous leaked build of Windows Blue, 9364.

Back in the days of 9x and NT through Longhorn, an increment of 5 builds could have meant notable changes; however, in these post-Sinofsky-controlled days of Windows, I expect the changelog of this build reflected merely bug fixes and the likes. And since Microsoft officially mentioned Blue recently, what I won’t be doing is seeking to confirm mentions of “Blue” again. That was an incredibly tedious venture, if I do say so myself. And I do.

What I’d really love is for a UX build to leak, starting from this day. With Mary-Jo Foley’s mention of Microsoft considering a reintegration of the Start button into Windows, I’m just itching to see the very first Windows Blue build that gets a trial run in (if it does, that is)! This is wishful thinking at its finest, people. =)

Anyway, I’ll be on this build shortly and looking for anything interesting I can dig up. More soon!

UPDATE 1: I’ve got the build up and running, so here’s a screen shot of the desktop with Winver up to show the build string (click the image for the full shot):

UPDATE 2: Well, this build is pretty lackluster, insofar as noteworthy improvements/enhancements/etc. As such, I’m calling this one case-closed for now. Onward to the next build!


  1. SmartEnough4StartScreen
    Wednesday 17 April 2013, 12:12 pm

    Really? The thing you hope for most is the start button?

  2. No. The “wishful thinking” comment was in regards to getting my hands on an early UX build, where a Start button would first be tried if they are, indeed, thinking about going that route. I couldn’t care less about the return of the Start button/menu; I just want a UX build. lol.

  3. I hope Windows Blue’s Explorer will finally support file paths longer than 255 characters in length. NTFS support thousands of characters in length. I have to use totalcommander to do file transfers.

    Also I hope Explorer will finally use the correct units for file storage. MiB and GiB instead of MB and GB.
    That is the source of confusion when everybody complains about a 1TB hard drive only having 931GB of capacity! It is because Windows lies.

  4. I hope with Windows 9 I can once again right click on a directory and search for data within the files and actually find the file.

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