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A big thanks to @floo1989 for the heads-up! Over the weekend, the Italian Windows site “Windowsette” got a hold of some super secret squirrel Microsoft presentations apparently laying around on the internet somewhere. I took a look through every single one of these, slide-by-slide, so I’m quite confident these are the real deal. I just feel bad for the poor sap who either leaked these or inadvertently shared these with the world. Long story short, these slide decks are chock full of internal thinking on Windows 8 — everything from customer target audiences to the Windows 8 developer market to the Windows 8 product cycle and much, much more. As a preface, I’ve taken many screen shots of relevant slides for inclusion with this article, so click on them to see their full-sized versions. I’ll elaborate on some and allow the others to explain themselves. Lastly, I’ll be updating this post as I find more contained within the slide decks. Now, without further adieu, let’s get started!


Microsoft Looks to Apple

Included in these presentations is a rather telling (but obvious) slide which shows that Microsoft is clearly paying attention to Apple while planning Windows 8. Titled, “How Apple does it: A virtuous cycle,” Microsoft has broken down Apple’s UX/Brand Loyalty cycle and cited its value. Though it’s fairly obvious, the takeaway here is that Microsoft is aiming to give Windows the very same “it just works” status that Apple’s products are known for:

Windows 8


Windows 8 Prototype Machine

Speaking of Apple, I think the following prototype looks like some rejected Mac prototype (i.e. I don’t like it very much — at least from this angle). The wallpaper is the old Windows 7 beta wallpaper (as you can see by the beta fish in the center of it) and there is clearly some build information on the bottom right-hand corner of the desktop. This may well be something left over from Windows 7 planning, but being included in Windows 8 planning documentation, I figured it was worth tossing in. Here’s the machine and below it, its specifications:

Windows 8

Windows 8

Windows 8 Product Cycle

The following slide isn’t too telling in and of itself, but it serves to show how Microsoft has chosen to divide its Windows 8 product cycle into 3 main phases:

  • Planning (from Framing to Vision): Big picture thinking, themes then scenarios, and feature identification list.
  • Development (from Vision to Beta): Design and build features, refine SKUs (shelf-keeping units) and value propositions, and begin sharing code.
  • Readiness (from Beta to GA+90): Feature complete and bug-fixing, establish and track readiness metrics, and focus on creating great Dell + Windows experiences.

Of note, these slides were apparently leaked or inadvertently released after being given to one Derek Goode at HP. Likewise, many of the discussions throughout the slides address HP, so the 3rd phase above making reference to Dell interests me. Anyway, here is the slide of note:

Windows 8


Windows 8: Identity Evolved

There appears to be considerable planning taking place as to how a user will access Windows. Right off the bat, one of my favorites is the following prototype which shows a user logging in via facial recognition! Basically, you enroll your face, then all you should have to do from that point forward is sit down, have your webcam get a look at you and then log you in based on facial recognition:

Windows 8

The following slide details other considerations for Windows 8 where identity is concerned. Namely, user accounts will still be the primary method of accessing Windows for individuals, fast user switching is a continued focus, and most notably, Windows accounts could be connected to the cloud which would allow for roaming settings/preferences between PCs and devices and PCs to log on to websites on the user’s behalf — all marking an evolution of Windows identity from being machine-centric to user-centric.

Windows 8


Trends Shaping the Planning of Windows 8

Shaping the planning of Windows 8 are explosion of form factors (laptops, netbooks, slates, etc.), assumed connectivity (focus on software + services for end-user scenarios), collision of enterprise and personal worlds (aiming to help customers have a seamless experience across their personal and professional lies), personal content experience, and more. The following slide elaborates:


Windows 8


Windows 8 Consumer Target Audiences

As we see detailed in the slide below, enthusiasts and mainstream consumers are the two main consumer target audiences for Windows 8:


Windows 8


Windows 8 Default Business Assumptions


Windows 8


Windows 8 Developer Market

No surprise here that Microsoft’s addressable developer market for Windows 8 spans from hobbyist/non-professional developers to professional developers to science, technology, engineering, and math developers:


Windows 8


Windows 8 Differentiation Goals

As for form factors, Microsoft’s 3 main focuses for Windows 8 appear to be Slate, Laptop, and All-in-One (all detailed in slides below). Additionally, customization areas include Applications, Devices, Multimedia, Help and Support, and UI and Theming (all also detailed in slides below). One of the key takeaways here is Microsoft detailing “Slate” as a major form factor focus. This means the Windows-based Slate devices are still likely to make an appearance at some point:


Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8


Windows 8: Energy Efficiency Areas of Focus

All of the following slides are highly-detailed and quite self-explanatory, but my favorite takeaway is a newly-planned feature that combines Logoff + Hibernate to result in a new off state. It will apparently give the look and feel of boot/shutdown but will be much faster. This feature is detailed in the next set of slides, titled “Windows 8: Fast Startup:”


Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 8


Windows 8: Fast Startup

These slides give great detail on the Logoff + Hibernate feature mentioned above. There isn’t a name for the feature yet as it will be exposed to the user:


Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 8
Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 8


Windows 8 Help and Support

Help and Support was going to be a major focus in Windows 7, but it was dropped. Now, it looks like that focus is back for Windows 8 and the aim is to help users “know with confidence how to respond and what actions to take” when an issue arises.


Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 8 Windows 8


Windows 8 Push Button Reset

This is an interesting one. Microsoft appears to be planning functionality for a reset button that will essentially reinstall Windows while maintaining all of your personal files, applications, settings, etc. without the need for the user to back all of that stuff up. A scenario is presented in one of these slides to demonstrate how it would work.


1 – Jon notices that his Windows 8 PC is starting to perform poorly and he can’t figure out what to do. He presses the reset button and chooses to reset his Windows 8 PC.


2 – Wanting a fresh start, he chooses to reset his PC knowing that all his stuff is safe.


Windows 8

3 – Windows 8 automatically retains files and personalization settings, and migrates the user accounts.


Windows 8

4 – Windows is restored to the factor image and restarts.


5 – After restarting, Jon can launch the App Store to reinstall applications he purchased there and see a list of other applications that he had installed outside of the App Store.


Windows 8


Internet Explorer 9

There’s an entire slide deck dedicated to Internet Explorer 9 discussion. There isn’t much contained within that we don’t already know, but there is an announcement for the beta to take place in August 2010:


Internet Explorer 9


Windows 8 Introduces “Windows Store,” Microsoft’s App Store for Windows

Though Microsoft has already attempted some semblance of this with Windows Marketplace, Windows 8 will introduce “Windows Store.” Yes, it will be an application store which will allow you to purchase applications for Windows (and perhaps Microsoft mobile devices as well, such as Windows Phone, Zune HD, etc.). Microsoft has a solid foundation on this and as the slides below note, they’re anxious to bring this to fruition A.S.A.P. Detailed below are the customer experience, developer experience, and channel experience (for partners). For customers, it looks like Microsoft is interested in integrating Windows Store results into Bing’s Web and Local SERPs as well as Windows Search. For developers, there appears to be a great panel for tracking just about every metric you could want to track as a developer.


In conclusion, Microsoft defines Windows Store’s success for consumers as, “getting applications they want, that they can feel confident in, that they can use on any Windows 8 device.” Have a look as there is much more information in these slides that I did not elaborate on. Oh, and be sure to keep your eyes on as it is mentioned in one of the slides below and is indeed currently registered (as are the .net and .org URLs).


Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8 Windows 8

Windows 8


I will continue updating this post with elaborations, clarifications, and screen shots as I continue digging through all the information, so stay tuned!


-Stephen Chapman


  1. Feel free to leave your comments and feedback! Discussion always welcome. =)


  2. Any hint of the win 8 UI? Is it going to be metro or something totally different? The new windows store concepts look similar to the zune software which uses metro!

  3. …there is a button to reset the OS when it breaks? Isn’t that kinda missing the point…?

  4. Why would you publish a private document not meant for the the public, one which you do not own? This is like showing your neighbors bank statement on your facebook page. Very unethical and irrresponsible.

    How would you feel if this was your company and your document?

  5. You should be dragged into court for publishing this information. Very damaging.

  6. Nine Quake, he didn’t leak this, someone else did. He just analyzed it.

    I found it interesting that the form factors list didn’t include “Desktop.” It almost looks like Microsoft is anticipating the desktop becoming obsolete in favor of the other 3 (All-in-One, Laptop, Slate.) It will be interesting to see how this all turns out; it looks like this will be a far more significant release than Win7.

  7. Nine Quake: I appreciate your point and enthusiasm, but I’m confused how you managed to miss my quoted source of this information, which was already published well prior to me posting this, in the first two sentences of my post. Besides, this stuff was already circulating all over the internet by the time I hit “post.” As Rhys noted, I’ve just put my personal analysis on it and taken the time to show more of the actual slides themselves.

    Rhys: Indeed. I was thinking on a similar path. The death of the desktop doesn’t bother me much beyond gaming. I’m probably one of the only people left on this earth who doesn’t have an updated console (except for a Wii). I just can’t get the FPS controls of a console. Anyway, I think it will more likely be a case of the death of keyboard and mouse eventually. Microsoft seems quite interested in everything being controlled by voice and gestures. I can dig that, but I don’t find it too inconvenient to sit down and use a keyboard and mouse. I’m always interested in where they’re going, but I can’t say I really require much more, personally, in terms of how to use my computer.


  8. Hmm, great read, it all seems pretty interesting, I might throw a link to this post in my own blog. I will like the whole “look at the camera to log in” thing, that seems like a cool concept, and I actually feel that with Microsoft leaning more towards Apple’s style, it could be a good thing. If they can ensure that Windows 8 will be fully functional on all Dell/HP/Acer/etc… PC manufacturers by working along side them, I could see some serious product loyalty ahead. Their take on the App Store could be pretty cool, too, as it would give a plethora of programs that will work 100% with Windows 8, and give the users an easy way to view them/give developers an easy way to market them.

  9. @Stephen

    Moving away from the desktop is probably good for most of the consumer base. However, I don’t see that market going away any time soon. That is definitely a market that is important to the enthusiasts. They did say that they want to make the enthusiasts happy. The desktop will be around as long as people like to build machines and tinker with their own hardware.

    As always you’ve done a great analysis. I’m looking forward to what’s coming. This is going to be a big one.

  10. i find it stupid to go away from mouse/keyboard to touchscreens
    seems like nobody made study how uncomfortable its is for human to constantly
    lean and move hands for simple tasks

    another stupid idea; with camera reckognising face
    by the time user centers his face to frame, and clicks confirmation and waits
    for image process, you could type in your PW like 10 times

    its just seems to me they trying pull off something like with Longhorn all again
    some imaginary advanced tech stuff that nobody needs, but they want it all flashy and cool

  11. This really should not be re-published and should be laid to rest. Pls respect the privacy of someone and let them do what they are doing, when the right time comes you will know..
    BTW, whats your plan for next year ?

  12. If this is Microsoft’s future strategy then I’m incredibly disappointed. There is no vision here and very little understanding of how the cloud is changing everything.

    A design goal for Windows should be a light weight Window to your cloud services. Syncing with your various cloud stores but giving an optimal user experience enhanced by the power of a local client. But the apps are everywhere.

    Seeing the success of the iPad for non computer literate people they are designing for 20% of the market and scenarios, not 80%. There is no consumer scenario. There is no compelling Enterprise scenario. This is the same old model, which is quickly being eroded at each end.

    Microsoft needs some new leadership who can actually see how much the market has changed.

    My 2 cents.


  13. I stopped reading at “beta fish”.

    If you can’t even spell the name of a fish correctly, I doubt you’re going to get much else correct.

  14. Tristan: Wow, could you please show the Internet just how miserable of a human being you must really be? lol. My reference to the “beta fish” is purely centered around how it was referenced throughout the Windows 7 beta; not the literal betta fish. Google is your friend. See here. Have a wonderful day, Tristan!


  15. Thanks for your feedback, everyone! Keep it coming! You undoubtedly have Microsoft’s attention right now…


  16. Any word as to release dates. I’d hate to buy a computer just to have to upgrade a year later (even the OS, because I hate OS upgrades).

  17. I will be disappointed if the industry moves more toward the Apple style prepackaged computer with a specialized case. I enjoy being able to build a computer from scratch to meet the specifications that I want. If the “All-in-one” computers have a case that becomes an industry standard with room to add or replace PCI cards on the motherboard. Apple’s strategy of selling prepackaged computers with hard to customize hardware is a huge reason for me to stay away from Apple hardware.

  18. in japan they built some vending machines that used facial recognition to verify that the user is above the legal age to buy tobacco.

    kids started bringing photos of their parents or magazine pictures of celebrities with them.

    steal your friend’s picture from facebook and log on to their windows account.

    they better ditch facial recognition login. worst idea ever.

  19. I really hope this whole Windows Store thing won’t be the only way to get on the Windows 8 PC. Shareware industry does just fine without curation, thank you very much.

  20. I like the video facial recognition. Though, it makes me wonder if all someone needs is a printed photo of you in front of the camera to log in

  21. This is all about as Fake as information as i have ever seen. Enjoy the extra hits while it lasts… I could have created better looking FAKE documents in my spare time using MSPAINT.

  22. A M$ marketing stunt, learning from the world of Linux!

  23. Fascinating stuff. Not a lot of vision though, more evolution and “lets do more of what Apple does.” than “where do you want to go today” kinds of things. Sad really, but Microsoft is totally hunkering down between Apple and Google they are really getting pounded from a publicity point of view.

    As they become more like like DEC used to be and retreat into the “Enterprise” (which didn’t work all that well for Sun either if you recall) they will find they cannot win by just playing defense. Hard to imagine a world where Microsoft is insignificant but they could make that world possible. We will see I guess.


  24. On the note of the three form factors being tablets, laptops, and all-in-ones, I’m very disappointed in Microsoft. Desktops will be here for the entire existence of personal computers. They are cheaper, faster, more upgradable, and overall more comfortable to use. Sure, they might be ugly, but they’re necessary. I agree with @Putty in saying that I will also be disappointed if the industry moves more toward the Apple style prepackaged computer with a specialized case. I own three Macs, two of which are far outdated, but nevertheless, I like them. Because OS X is the right OS for this type of computer that is made with strict guidelines. Apple maintains the OS to make sure everything runs perfect on all their supported systems. Microsoft doesn’t have that kind of control with Windows. Some PCs have tons of upgradability and some have absolutely none. Almost all manufacturers of computer components make them for PCs running Windows. They simply can’t rule out anything. Windows has been known as an adapting OS — It adapts to the hardware it has to run on. It can be good or bad, depending on the way you look at it.

    So in summary, Windows 8 looks to be a wonderful new release, but I’m hoping it doesn’t change the way the PC market works.

  25. This is very interesting information. However, note that this is all preliminary stuff that can change over time. Most of the things discussed here may or may not make it to market, depending on the competetive landscape (aka Apple) and scheduling pressure. Unless someone has invented a powerpoint compiler since I left the big house.

  26. Bazooka: I highly doubt anyone would make this just to fool everyone, its not like its only a couple slides, its a lot of slides, not to mention it covers a very broad and elaborate set of topics. Also, these supposed innovations in Windows 8 are all very realistic and practical and are exactly what we would expect from Microsoft given the recent trends were seeing in personal technology ecosystem (namely those popularized by Apple).

    From what i’ve read here, Microsoft is seriously considering deploying Windows 8 across a variety of considerably different platforms. My only concern with that is that different platforms require different technologies to make them work – a small slate-like tablet is going to require different UI/control mechanisms than their larger PC counterparts. If Microsoft releases these platforms too synonymously, each platform could get a compromised set of features potentially leaving many of them out to dry.

    Other than that, Windows 8 seems like a winner, and as Windows 7 showed, Microsoft is fully capable of making an extraordinarily streamlined OS. Seeing them planning this early and this in depth is also both exciting and promising, it would be nice to see Microsoft giving Apple the competition it deserves to get.

  27. I find it interesting that the “Intelligent RTC Alarm” effectively waking up the machine at prescribed times is only indicated for mobile devices.

    This is effectively limiting the aim of getting devices to act like home entertainment systems (i.e. dvd recorder comes on to record a TV program) to devices that are least able to perform that function. It is stated in these slides that MS want the startup and shutdown experience to be “instant on” and leverage DLNA.

    I am specifically thinking of how useful this would be for users of Windows media Centre who record lots of content but don’t want to leave the energy sapping PC on all day (much like the functionality of standard home entertyainment systems such as DVD recorders)

  28. Esperemos, esperemos. No nos emocionemos tan pronto.

  29. Sent from my iPhone
    Tuesday 29 June 2010, 2:22 am

    Microsoft is obsolete. I just hope when it hits the fan, that the government doesn’t bail them out. Buh-bye.

  30. I love how on Page 5 (Windows 8 Consumer Target Audiences) they refer to their two consumer target audiences as “Enthusiasts” and “Humans”. LOL
    (Right side of page in green type)

  31. There’s some cool stuff in Microsoft’s plans, if indeed these are real and not just hypothetical. I like the “reset” idea and also “fast startup”. These save people time and effort and I hope Microsoft can pull them off.

  32. @”Sent from my iPhone”: How can a company who holds 90% market share be considered obsolete? We’re not talking about OS/2 Warp here.

    I’m actually quite surprised your message got out. You must have been “holding it right.”
    Your fanboish comments #FAIL.

    Now, on topic, I would lend some credibility to this. @AlexR made a point that this doesn’t seem fabricated. I agree with you here. This looks very much like an honest “discussion” type slide set you would see in a planning part of software the design life cycle.

  33. To all the people who don’t think this should be leaked: STFU!

  34. Hope their planning and technical execution is better than their spelling.

  35. And Microsoft: *please* rethink the “My Folder” nomenclature you seem so wedded to. It’s fatuous and infantilising, and makes us all sound like narcissistic children.

  36. Interesting read. I enjoyed their dividing people into enthusiasts and humans. Lol.

    Cloud based computing is nice, but that’s not something a lot of people want the os to revolve around. People don’t want their sensitive info floating around, especially not businesses. There will be services that offer this and that is all that is needed.

    I don’t see them getting rid of upgradeable computers, they probably just want all in ones to be a marketed product.

    Having Mac OS X under my roof has made me realize that it offers no advantages, just a set of quirks that I can’t change. OS X’s limited options are annoying. Still can’t turn off mouse acceleration!

  37. Did anyone noticed the CONTOSO appstore for partners? we have seen that in windows phone 7

  38. Can someone at Microsoft develop a font that doesn’t make me want to tear my eyes out? Seriously, these slides are 1997 with 2005 colors.

  39. @Deathwish238 they are separating windows 8 from chrome OS in the exact point that you made,these store and cloud stuff’s are all bonus features to the current eco system. they are not banning slide loading the apps,i think windows 8 is an improvement on the past successes and in the same time a bet on the future. me for example will not ever use the chrome os or other google services,its just scary to give all of your data’s to the hands of a company whose CEO says if you want security you shouldn’t do the wrong thing in the first place. microsoft have made it clear too many times that our data’s are our data’s and that why businesses are interested in them and not google. google is fine for my mom and her friends to post pictures of cats playing piano to each other but when it comes to business users you cant just say oh businesses don’t like clouding their stuff when there’s someone like microsoft involved

  40. @ Deathwish238
    “OS X’s limited options are annoying. Still can’t turn off mouse acceleration!”
    Err, System Preferences > Hardware – Mouse
    Full control of your mouse. How simple is that?

  41. @Putty,

    Wow, why you are worrying about pre-packing computer? Everything is pre-packed as well. You want to build a computer, that is a tip of iceberg! Why? Because there are more than 95 percent of us do not care about building a computer, we all want to pull it out of the box and put it on the table. That is all we want. We don’t do the building things. Population of nerds and geeks like you are one of them is so tiny such as a tip of iceberg. Look at the bottom of iceberg, it is so much bigger than you think. All of us shrugged off against geek’s wish list.

    That is why I bought 24″, and 27″ iMac, Macmini, 2 Macbook Pros, and other Mac products including 4 iPhones and 1 iPad.

  42. The phrase is “without further ado,” not “without further adieu.”

  43. Definitely smells like a marketing stunt to me :)

  44. The Lone Deranger
    Tuesday 29 June 2010, 5:14 am

    Great ideas! How many of them will end up on the cutting room floor to promote backwards compatibility and conform to Balmer groupthink? Probably most of them. It seems unlikely that they will ship a product that gives more than lip service to this vision.

  45. i completely agree with @Rod Drury: if this thing is real, it really shows what a dinosaur that M$FT has become… no vision of a cloud-based future, even as they’re trying to bring Azure to life. Look at Office 2010… same thing: the “Office Web Apps” are merely a pale lightweight version of the desktop apps. Why? Because they still want people to *buy* the full Office 2010 licenses. They’re not even *trying* to compete with Google Apps (Docs, Gmail, Gcal, etc.)

    Do they really have to copy and try to improve on what Apple (and Google) have going right now, changing both computing as well as mobile telephony whereas M$FT is an absentee in these areas? Sure, they’ve sold a lot of Win7 licenses, but most are all sub-$800USD machines, meaning declining revenues — the high-end belongs to Mac OS X now; corporate servers run Linux. The most powerful internet companies on the planet (Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) don’t run .NET. That is a fact. Nothing innovative runs anything M$FT other than Exchange and maybe Excel & Visio & SQLServer, products that M$FT bought and did not create.

    Where is Windows Mobile? Dying (or dead). Where is Azure? Waaay move expensive and prohibitively so compared to Google App Engine and Salesforce’s Where is Office? Being replaced by iWorks, OpenOffice, and Google Docs. Still trying to sell lucrative desktop licenses? They cannot possibly scream “old school” any louder than this.

  46. I get what you are saying about this already being published but you have been incredably short sighted.

    firstly you have taken something that until now wasnt well known at all and re published it and thus now half the planet will probably know about it (hence how i got here, i didnt know you even existed until now)

    secondly you have made absolutely no effort to cover up the identity of who this belongs too and have infact gone out of your way to point a finger at an individual.

    Yes it may well be out there, but it wasnt mainstream, it wasnt widely known and you have done everything in your power to actively get the guy who leeked/lost these fired.

    congratulations, Journalism at its best.

  47. @pwr7549 << loser alert!

  48. Dumb, dumb and dumber. Microsoft is such a has been it’s not even funny. What a joke.

  49. and again, just because someone else has done it doesnt make it right

    “your honour, i only did it because someone else already had”

  50. I wish there was more innovation. It takes so long to put a descent operation system out! Really it has taken 15 years to get it halfway decent. Windows 7 is the first decent OS that MS has put out and that coming from a heavy windows user. They said that Win 7 was supposed to be the touch OS, but the LCD manufactures just now are starting to bring out some touch screens. We still have a long way to go. SSD technology needs to be standard! I hope that Microsoft does not go back to bloating the code and keeps things running lean and fast. Also quite outsourcing your dev work overseas and educate Americans. We need more jobs MS, help us out and start investing in American education! Enough rant, Love and Hate you MS! :-)

  51. Only Microsoft would use Comic Sans MS on their drafts.

    Never change, MS, never change.

  52. Maybe this is a fake?
    If this is true: They are trying to copy apples stategy, adapted to the multi manufacturers landscape – Whether they want a holistic UX OR allowing a “branded” experience for others.
    I don’t believe both will work!

  53. Marketing stunt or real, leaked or faked, Microsoft are going to be beside themselves with excitement on how much free publicity they are getting.

    I attended a web conference two weeks ago and the most reoccurring word that was mentioned was “IE6″. Sure it was usually followed by “sucks” or preceeded with “f*&%ing”, but it was still talked about.

  54. Hi Stephen

    Thanks for sharing your opinion and to bring this new to us (i talk for me that i didn’t know).

    I’ve seen a lot of interesting features! Voice control and the face recognition-based login are amazing. And the social networking, at my point of view is something inevitable with all those twitters and facebookers!
    By the way, i’m curious for see if that part of social networking will be just for Microsoft social networking or others too (twitters, hi5, etc).

    I wounder too if Silverlight will came installed by default. In my opinion, if Windows brings Internet Explorer installed by default and not others browsers like mozilla, opera, etc, why it doesn’t bring installed the Silverlight plugin?

    Thanks again from Portugal ;)

  55. Has anyone maybe thought that MS just maybe intentionally leaked this document to get the public’s view on this? Isn’t that what they have always done in the past? You guys are telling them what to expect and what to include/exclude in Windows 8.

  56. Bueh, patadas de ahogado :/ estoy más que seguro de que el próximo Mac OS los va a dejar en ridículo… como siempre, jajaja :D

  57. Someone put so much effort in making those things look confidential… I’d almost definitely say they are fake.

  58. I dont know…
    I dont much like 7…
    I’m a fan of XP still…

  59. Not exactly visionary thinking if your main focus is watching and emulating the competition.

    Apple creates new opportunities within existing markets because they look beyond what is currently being done. They have no real competition because 9/10 times they do things better from the start.(discounting the non-Jobs ‘unthink’ era of the late 80s until 1997, which MSFT appears to be emulating right now.)

    How many more times do we have to say this. GET RID OF BALLMER!

  60. Where is the information on the new file management system they have been working on ever since they announced Vista ?? Has that entire idea been scrapped for good now ?It seems to me Windows 8 is simply continuing to be following in the Vista trend – it could be called Service Pack 3 for Vista if you call 7 SP2 ( which it is ,really ) .

  61. I agree that you should be dragged into court for theft and fined damages. Think of the internet as a city street. Just because there’s a bike in someone’s front yard, available to be taken, doesn’t mean that you can take (i.e., steal) it without permission. Same applies.

  62. If they’re fake, then the fraudster went to a lot of trouble to make em and misrepresent a global company that could squash them like a bug with a hammer (the size of a mountain) of lawsuits.

    Not so happy about facial recognition, I think it’s a flawed concept to accessing your computer; I guess it will work fantastic as an added bonus for users like my parents; but will they get it right? This reminds me of the incident of “HP being racist” where their cam didn’t focus on people with a dark complexion.

    Great to see them looking at energy efficiency and “fast startup”.

    LMAO @ the “Windows 8 Push Button Reset”, at least it will make it easier for me to “clean up” the inefficiencies the OS has.
    I agree with Khaki – “…there is a button to reset the OS when it breaks? Isn’t that kinda missing the point…?”

    I wonder if all win software, will now be sold through the “Windows Store”? What happens to all the retailers and price wars?
    Do we need 2 conduits of software, I thought one was enough? (side note: funny that they don’t sell any actual windows :P)
    Will the apps need to go through an approval process?

    Very interesting but I believe that they will change quite a few things before this is realized.

    Ciao for now

  63. From the target audiences slide:

    “Why Humans Matter:”

    Glad to see MS pick up on that

  64. good PR working!

  65. Why do all of the slides seem to have different water marks and/or disclaimer footnotes?

  66. Can’t help but wonder, based on all these slides… why not just use a Mac instead? It’s here today, afterall, and most people don’t have much confidence in Microsoft’s ability to actually deliver on most of this (as usual)… Really all in all: YAWN

  67. It’s funny. The facial recognition login idea is simply so bad (just use someone else’s photo, as others have mentioned) that it genuinely makes me think the whole thing is fake. This has got to be misdirection, possibly with some nuggets of truth just for fun.

  68. Wow..alot of negativity here in the Postings…from a very technical crowd.. Remember that you (The geeks reading this stuff) are probably less than 1 percent of MSFT’s target audience.. so with such things as PUSH BUTTON OS reset, look to the Target audience who cannot find System Restore.. (AKA Dell consumers). I think MS appears lost because Consumers have no idea what they want at this point. They are jumping on Apple because they have the new Cool toy..and touch screen is still kinda new and exciting. Eventually it will turn out that “it just works” will be the mantra of the average consumer. It’s doesn’t have to work well, or fast.. Just work.
    Until MSFT makes their own PC’s to their own specs, i don’t see serious innovation being possible or practical for the company.

    And as for Windows Office Live Apps vs Google Apps.. I can’t even consider any of the Google Apps (except Gmail..which rocks..) a serious contender.. It’s like taking a step back to Word Perfect mid 90’s.. Even Google Calender, which I rely on, could use a few options to bring it up to speed.

  69. @dude you gotta be joking, windows own the majority of the market share because mac is so expensive and it sucks

  70. I agree with other comments, as a long time Windows user, (Certified to the hilt), I have to say I enjoy Apples vision (while not perfect). Microsoft has lost its way.

    Its official, Microsoft is the IBM of the 90’s, lost and not understanding or even comprehending why. When I use MS products now its because I have to, not because I want to. I buy Apple because I want to. (I bought my first Apple this year, having owned Iphones and Touches).

    I want Microsoft to succeed, they just need to get a lot of new Fresh blood before its to late.

  71. Rocks it ! but, why in the support section, there’s a cat here? why? microsoft love cats?

  72. Is that the stupidest looking prototype you’ve ever seen or what?

  73. Interesting information. Thanks for posting it.

    Don’t think I’ll hold my breath, though. :-)


  74. @Guy,
    If you don’t think big corps aren’t running Microsoft technologies on their servers you are sadly mistaken. A quick search on will show you how foolish that statement is. Also, a quick look at their quarterly earnings statement will show you how much cash they are raking in on their server technologies – here’s a hint $7 billion PROFIT. I’m no Microsoft lover, but let’s at least get the facts straight. If you were hating on Xbox, then you might have a case, seeing that it’s only bringing in a very small percentage of their operating profits. As long as Office is bringing in $8-9 billion PROFIT then keep quiet about OpenOffice and the like.

  75. First of all, to all the apple fan-boys: get lost! Windows will never be good enough for you, so why bother to comment on this? If you want to comment, be constructive…
    That said…
    “Why Humans Matter” lol, does MS know more than NASA?
    I don’t think the facial recognition log in is a good idea, they wanna use a “2D camera”, so it won’t know the difference between a photograph and your real face. No thanks. And I don’t like the idea of the 3 form factors they are suggesting either. Customizable PC’s aren’t just for geeks, nerds and gamers… Think about enterprises and governments, the desktop is the best scalable solution.

    I sure hope they’re not going to focus on the cloud as some seem to be suggesting, I don’t want anyone, or anything, to go through my stuff the be able to generate content-adds.

    The “Push Button Reset” surprised me a bit… But they’re kinda missing the point, although it’s not a bad idea considering Window’s tendency to work slower after a while.

    I don’t like the idea of an app store either, except for ms-only products. I don’t want MS to know what programs I’ve got installed on my computer, I don’t want to participate in market research unknowingly. Reminds me of Big Brother… :)

    This may all seem negative, but I’m excited to see what this will result into. I’m definitely lookup forward to the beta-stage :)

  76. i have a twin brother who is an absolute arsehead of an excuse for a human being – so facial recognition logging on is a non starter for me

  77. Marcus Vinicius Carvalho
    Tuesday 29 June 2010, 2:18 pm

    It’s not the author’s responsability to keep it in secret. The “leakage” may be illegal, but spread the information is not.

    Regards from Brazil


  78. Facial recognition doesn’t have to be a bad idea: @Leavesden – cameras/software already can identify and zero in on faces so the need to center your face in a frame doesn’t exist. As for photo spoofing, just do a quick facial expression capture… it asks me to wink left eye/right eye, smile, stick out my tongue, turn my head left or right, etc, I click “skip” on those expressions I can’t or don’t want in the repertoire. I do all that just once during the initial setup. Then when I return, by the time I sit down, my face has been identified and I’m asked for an expression (text or image prompt) – I respond within a 2 second time frame with that expression and I’m in.

  79. RE: Windows Reset – Interesting how Windows Reset “will essentially reinstall Windows while maintaining all of your personal files, applications, settings, etc”, yet “After restarting, Jon can launch the App Store to reinstall applications he purchased there”. This section states both that you “don’t have to” and you do “have to” reinstall apps. Which is it?

    RE: facial recognition, my #2 son already has this bundled on a Dell Alienware PC running Windows 7 Pro. Unfortunately, my #1 son (who bears little resemblance to #2 can also log in). Still a few bugs here.

    RE: those who are carping about this post – you can’t unring a bell. Once this material was leaked it made little sense to go after those who are merely reposting. Comments like “STFU” do not add anything to the intellectual discussion.

  80. @steefow: those expressions can still be easily mimicked, they just watch you do your winking, and they copy those expressions through a simple program. And they just login with a tablet pc, running that program. Fingerprints and just plain old passwords are still allot better than facial recognition…
    It’s all fun, but it’s not secure…

  81. So, that’s it? Faster boot? MS has been talking faster boot in every version of Windows that I can think of, even if they didn’t actually deliver it. Login by facial recognition? This sounds like something that will get pulled before it ever hits market. And even if it makes it, ho-hum.

    An in-place OS reinstall? I did that many times with XP. Worked fairly well to revive a non-working computer. I was annoyed when that got taken away from Vista & 7. So, it comes back in Windows 8. Good, but, bringing back an XP feature isn’t hardly a breakthru.

    THAT’S IT??

  82. Listen, cloud looks great, for those that do not want/cannot purchase the storage/processing power to do the things they need to do… Rent some power great… but what about those of us that like having every aspect of their data’s life cycle under their control… That is me, I have tinkered with google apps… I still like having my docs in well… my docs… I like having my own back up and recover policies and procedures… in the end I guess it comes down to one simple thing… I only trust me with my company’s data… so I will not be pushing cloud to my end users.

  83. Hi,
    It has been stated that 95% want a prepakged system. Well for these people I want to say that when you get to where this is headed then you will wish it were the way it was.
    If I wanted a system that has no DVD or CD that I can’t go downtown a buy a program for, Then I would buy the cable TV surf and purchse system. The way this is headed is there will be only online capability and Most of your local stores will not be able to carry programs or will have to use online sales. I for one do not wish to risk just like this publication a release of information that was intended to be confidential. By not having a DVD or CD you stand a greater risk of your info being intercepted. Do you really want to put your welfare as a consumer in the hands of big coorperations and not your own? Well with the web being totatly controled by this software who has the controll? Who controls CLOUD?
    They have made security supposedly tight in windows 7. I ask how many out there still have problems with security issues? I still get the same trojans and virus that I did before only difference is now I cannot get rid of them as easy because I don’t have access to MY OWN SYSTEM FILES.
    All they have done is make windows annoying with all the security pop ups. They are contining along this route(BIG MISTAKE).


  84. You know, I had to read this over twice. I am lazy and don’t feel like scrolling back up, but whoever mention this is right: they are (granted this is legitimate) basically taking Apple’s approach and applying (botched variations, with code from scratch) technologies currently present in *nix. I’m actually not terribly surprised. Windows 7- Microsoft’s pseudo ‘sudo’ was a cute attempt. I mean really, it was a great idea for them to adapt a feature like this. If only it actually worked well though… I’ve never seen such a function be turned against the user so quickly. The problem is that the underlying architecture is very limited in terms of security, and they just loosely applied a band-aid on top of it (so much for the bandaid if you got a hole in your leg).

    It makes me shudder to think how MS will implement ‘cache prefetching’ succesffully amongst other features that were present in *nix/BSD for some eons.

  85. I get three things from these slides. 1) Microsoft continues to fragment rather than consolidate their OS. 2) Microsoft responds to their competitors rather than forging a new path and forcing their competitors to respond to them; and 3) Microsoft focuses on tactical advantages – gimmicks really – rather than creating strategic advantages. Microsoft really is skating to where the puck is rather than to where it’s going to be. In 1995 Microsoft released the Zune to compete with Apple’s iPod. In 1997, Apple released the iPhone. Now, in the Fall of 2010, Microsoft is preparing to release Windows Phone 7 to compete with the iPhone. And Apple has already released the iPad. Now these documents show Microsoft releasing – in a year or so – an operating system to compete with the iPad. Where will Apple be by then? Far ahead of Microsoft, that’s for sure.

  86. @Falkirk: When, exactly, where the Zune, iPod, and iPhone released?

  87. I’ve got one thing to say to the people of Microsoft: GIVE ME A BREAK! YOU PEOPLE OF MICROSOFT ARE REALLY PISSING ME OFF! YOU ARE SOOOO STUPID! no for real can they nothing innovate by them self? Why they always want to compete with Apple? It’s never gonna happen. Apple watches much more into the future. Don’t you get it guys. Please stop trying to make Windows better! because you stupid people can’t! You just make it worser for the costumers! So that feels good :)

  88. I wonder what the employee number(s) of the Microsoft employee(s) that was or will be fired because of this leak. Sad thing — it didn’t really tell us very much.

  89. Whatever happened to WINFS?

  90. Dumbing down the already Dumbed:

    What more can I say – Looks like mixing the “dog and ponies” of the new “social” Ubuntu Linux with the closed-closed source “Just push a button and whal-aaah” of Apple, and the dysfunctional and convoluted kludge of MS Windows, as it has always been…

    Just making it harder for those who care about security and productivity to inspect and ensure their productivity and security.

    Gee, where’s my DOS floppies?

  91. Seriously, shouldn’t this have been in Windows 7, or 6? Microsoft might want to think about building their own laptop which they can control from start to finish.

  92. The best part I saw was syncing user data with Azure. For all the cloud hype I still find browser-based interfaces lacking all of the time compared to their local counterparts. If I can get the local interface experience with seamless data mobility (provided by the cloud, I suppose), then the browser interface can absolutely take a hike.

    I’m glad they still care about us enthusiasts – I’ll buy a console when I can use a mouse to play shooters and probably not before.

    Am I the only one hoping the slate hype dies soon? If people would just get decent phones they could stop worrying about these weird not-quite-laptop-replacement things, carry less with them and save money on hardware.

    @”Sent from my iPhone”: Interesting how you sent that from an obsolete phone – congrats on figuring out how to hold it in order to get a signal, though

    – Sent from my Evo :)

  93. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a PC guru, only a PHP developer. Most of my work is done on UNIX based systems, which in my opinion are far sweeter to work with as a web developer. I work on a MAC and love the OS to death, I’m no fanboy though. OSX is sexy and makes for a great programming and/or design environment, but I can’t see myself using it outside of work. When it comes to entertainment I just can’t have a home without Microsoft!

    A friend of mine has an Xbox, which integrates so nicely with Windows Media Player that we can use our entire home network as a Media Centre. Not only that but Xbox games are cheaper than any other console, and when they do get exclusives we like to laugh at PS3 players (although I cried when Uncharted 2 was PS3 :()

    Windows will always be far superior as a gaming platform. I would even go so far as to include consoles in my previous statement, but that’s just me, I’m a hardcore PC gamer and I have no regrets. Windows plays games therefore I use Windows.

    As for the features outlined in the post, my true reason for being here.

    I like the hibernate-reboot thingy. I hate having to wait for programs to load on startup, and then having to wait for Firefox to open all these tabs.

    The face-recognition login caught my eye, but I don’t think it’s something I’d ever use :/ What if I get a “blemish” on my face and now I can’t log in to my PC?!

    I really like the idea for the app store! I use FileHippo to download all of my apps, but if Windows had the same thing, and it gave me automatic updates for the apps I install through it, I think I would be the most content lazy-person on the planet! (I have a bit of an app fetish)

    This is getting long winded so my last point is on the OS reset button. I think this was the most exciting thing on this list – I love buttons more than apps. I often find, that when my PC starts to feel sluggish I need to purge his OS to make him happy. Having a button I could click to do this, instead of going through the entire install process, is Fing A in my opinion!

    Khaki & Tiger Munky – I think this reset will reinstall the base OS and restore the users preferences. I’m just guessing you’re assuming it will restore certain applications that were potentially causing the issue in the first place. From personal experiences, just reinstalling the OS usually did the trick.

  94. A suggestion for the `proper naming` of the “reset’ option.

    IMHO, it should be called the “NUKE ME” option.

  95. I dont think this is the way Microsoft would go, the waiting cursor in normal windows itself is seen many a times, with little improvement in the usage of hardware for UI. If you compare even the linux sources like Ubuntu, they have very good responsive UI. But for Microsoft to deliver such a product the memory print would be pretty big and they would need Hardware accelerator to provide all of their “touch” computing

  96. I like a lot of the comments re Win 8 in this blog. After reading almost all of them I agree with jakkie, perhaps this is an intentional leak to get useful input from the people. Naive? Perhaps but hey why not a little wishful thinking on our part instead of bashing? I, for one anyway, would like real voice control over my PC, not just Word. Face recognition for access is OK. Maybe to be different than your everyday picture I’ll stick a finger up my nose, frown, close one eye, wear a bowtie…? As for the cloud, I agree with Mancer, I like to have my documents under my control. Escpecially true for personal creative docs such as photos worked over in Photoshop, family pictures, remodel designs, and so on. Lastly, there’s several comments about MSFT copying Apple, I wonder if Apple is waiting to copy MSFT or just going about their way doing more innovative things and not wasiting brain power on what MSFT is doing? Perhaps MSFT needs to get away from paranoia and start using their creativity again (I say again as I’m sure they had some at some point. I think it started to revive with Win 7).

  97. This is a show that never ends, obviously Microsoft “leaked this info” to test the field reaction to these brainstorm ideas.
    By the way Microsoft OS always were….and will be the legendary Mac OS copycat.

  98. Some good things and bad things. I prefer not to use facuial recognition as thats just one more thing to slow you down I prefer password ids. Now that said i see many have no concept of how facial recognition works it maps the face in 3d and takes measurements in pre determined point to point marks so a flat photo will not work at all.Id hate to see a desktop go away and a move to cloud ad clouds are not what most peopl;e would want or be familiar with or want to have thier info stored at. Id also hate to see the death of the keyborad and mouse as Im not a fan of voice control or recognition as its to sensitive and not far enough along to even consider as your main way to communicate. I like the push button reset would love to see this also have the feature to scann windows files find corrupt files and replace those for you so your not restoring just correcting issues your os may have developed.Hiopefully microsoft stays as far away from apple likeliness as possible as apple is a piss poor company that those who have no brain go so they can be told what to do. I also hope that the home computer isnt tried to be phased as I too prefer building my own custom towers as its very easy, cheap and gets you what you want not what they guess you want.Id like to see the user interface more like win xp then win 7 hich is kind of annoying and not laid out for speed or ease of use. I have kilkled all my win 7 startup and interface and plugged in classic xp looks so using is faster and easier to use and sort.

  99. Reading comments go before,ms is a big arrogant company that tells you what you can have not what you would like.Now if os were £25 then there would be a lot less piracy,like cds.Now lets build a system,firstly what do you want to do with it? write letters include pictures,ie office app,then music,then vids,internet.Have a base system then buy bolt ons to do what you need,these would include the software.Secure unit, ms love viruses it make people think good old ms they brought out security essentials free to protect their loyal users,its cock another way of downloading system image to see what we are all doing with windows.I have a lot of music bought over many years,I want to put it on any machine I own!or my childrens.Media market is huge,music has made companys an large amount of dosh over the years,Big companys can command high price if there is a service that works

  100. I hope the cloud concept is well thought out by the time that Win 8 is released. With legislation in congress now to give the President of the United States an internet “KILL” button it will be interesting to see businesses come to a grinding halt when a rogue president decides to hit the “KILL” button because things are not going his way.

    If all the business records are stored off site users may have to resort to a pencil and paper. Do they still teach that in school anymore? You will long for the Win XP days. The power company uses the net so a good UPS system will also help (for a little while).

    Kind of makes you think (hopefully without you head in the “Clouds”) about Unintended Consequences.

  101. There is only one way for MS to beat apple, Stop being MS!!!!! And BTW, Stop copying, be a little ORIGINAL, they want to copy the multi-touch, read the 2nd-3rd slide!!! This is a shame… Apple is just better… Because the dudes there KNOW what they are doing, BTW I teach Advanced Programming and WEB Programming myself so hear it from a somewhat pro, they CAN’T Beat apple in quality. Their whole approach to creating an OS is JUST Wrong!!!!!!!! I only know they found their way when I see that when you insert a disk, the OS does not stop responding!!!! And BTW if the disk is faulty, you have to reset your entire rig!!! I mean what’s that all about!!!!

  102. To all the “Macs are far more amazing than Microsoft will ever be!” people…

    I hate to burst your bubble, but Microsoft will be around far longer than you think.

    Businesses run on Microsoft (I’m not talking your dainty little design studio, I’m talking actual businesses here). They have and will for a long time.

    Microsoft security isn’t all that bad, sir. I personally run no antivirus, internet security or any other type of software to “protect me against threats.” I run an antivirus scan simply once every 3 or 4 months and have not been infected in years.

    Don’t forget when your precious fruit company suggested the use of antivirus on their operating system… sir. (And for the music part… it’s easier to transfer music via a pc than iTunes)
    By the way, What “I would like” is for you to use spaces after your punctuation.

  103. @Mostafa: perhaps you should try to upgrade from Windows NT4 or 9x (which had the quirk with inserting the disk) to something newer. In Windows 2000 the part that caused such problems on NT4 got completely overhauled. Any other quirk that people love so much to attribute to MS, such as the dreaded BSODs are – you may not believe it – more often than not caused by third-party software.

    And before you wonder, I’m *not* a web programmer, but I’ve got more than a decade experience in Windows kernel (that’s where the BSODs happen ;)) and user mode system-level programming and also have to deal with all kinds of *nixes including MacOSX. And if you’d ever look under the hood (i.e. beneath the fancy GUI) then you will quickly realize that MacOSX has its own share of quirks that cannot just be disregarded in a rational discussion.

    When it comes to using software then more often than not I don’t want to care on which platform or architecture I work and want to do my work. Period. That’s it. I don’t care whether it’s an Ubuntu desktop or Windows or Mac as long as it works and lets me do my job without forcing me to jump through hoops. *All* proprietary OSs so far force you to jump through hoops for *some* stuff. And for FOSS you will often simply hear that you are welcome to send in patches (which very often is meant just rhetorical).

  104. MS must be rolling around, tears streaming down, holding its side with laughter. Millions of dollars of advertising for NOTHING. It’s like laying a turd on the sidewalk with a sign that says, “Don’t pick this up.” Not only was it picked up, they are treating it as if it’s a golden nugget. PT Barnum ain’t got nothing on MS.

  105. Hmm facial recognition technology.
    Something else Micro$uck will sell to Law enforcement agencies for a good profit as they still do with other information gathering techniques and applications out there.
    Google has been doing it for years and so much has been done under-the-table with what was once personal information.
    For example, Google has teams of people noting how many people have backyard pools and pool support companies buy the information and market accordingly.
    This happens with so many other things, car companies, power , television ( see who has dishes and antennae on a roof).
    Working out market thresholds has never been so easy with all this technology running around with no restraints.
    Towns and cities , suburbs etc are all marketable products for data mining etc.
    Companies like Google ,Facebook etc are profiteering off information that people supply them for free.
    That is where their wealth comes from not to mention your loss of freedoms and personal information.
    Facial recognition technology is the one of the final frontiers of information gathering.
    Wake up people and see the reality.
    How do I know all this?
    Because I used to work for such people and be involved, but no longer………

  106. Bad artists copy. Great artists steal. – Pablo Picasso

    Even though I’m a mac fanboi it’s said to see MS take this road.

  107. saya pikir microsoft terus curi ilmu buat perbaiki os-nya yang sering bermasalah.tapi sy tidak peduli karena sy pengguna os non microsoft

  108. Face-recognition login is cool. My Lenovo Y460 has it in-built. It recognizes me alright, pretty responsive, but I don’t know if it might have mistaken identity issues though. However, it’s still not as fast as typing in my password, and it depends on lighting, hairstyle/glasses, angle, etc.

  109. It good to see they are at least trying. Might be copying Apple’s stylo, but competition only benefits us the consumers.

  110. @Salida: Judging by the way you’re talking, and the stuff you’re complaining, you must live in a communist country. Otherwise wake up, and welcome to capitalism.

    @Pants: You might as well have used this -> “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” – Pablo Picasso

    This -> “You mustn’t always believe what I say. Questions tempt you to tell lies, particularly when there is no answer. ” – Pablo Picasso

    Or one of the many others that go against one another but you would still fail to see trough the eyes of a Linux user.

  111. Hi, I’m just a casual PC user, not a developer like most of you folks. Lots of interesting comments here. But whether this is a PR stunt or not, I’m not liking this idea of facial recognition. What happens if the camera breaks or someone uses a recorded video chat of me to log in as me? And this Windows app store sounds expensive! So glad I switched to Ubuntu where everything is free (as in freedom) and free (as in price). Bye bye Micro$$$oft.

  112. I work in food Industry Company counting something over 200 employees. We use SQL Server and MS Dynamics. Most of comps are still WinXP. When it comes to business and databases and BI in general, I heard people also use Oracle or SAP or something like that. When it comes to small business last ten years, most databases as long as could have seen were MS Excel because it’s quick and simple, and rarely SQL Server Express, because it’s free. Never heard of anything Apple’s when it comes to real business.
    Ok, Apple has bigger market share at the moment, but that’s because it convinced people they needed those cute colorful pictures on their phones. Those fools have been standing in long lines for hours, just to buy a toy. I don’t understand. I use my old Nokia just for making calls; even SMS makes me tired. Also, I don’t trust security on those mobile mini comps because they don’t have enough processor power to implement decent security. Those toys look sweet and adorable, but I wouldn’t use them for e-mail. I’m not traveler and I don’t need mobility, but if I had, I would be using laptop at least, and wouldn’t care if it weighs 6 pounds.
    Even if MS planned to make pre-packed machine like Apple, I don’t believe they would be so stupid to make their new OS running only on that. They know that business users want their desktops scaled up to specific needs, that home users wants small home networks with scalable local storage for their multimedia, available on a button-click. I mean, download (buy disk) once – play it whenever you like. Who really wants to put their docs on cloud, on “be my guest” to every hacker or statistic metrics?
    Last time when I checked prices for Mac (read pre-packed comp), was when my friend was opening his small business. He heard that Macs are good and reliable so we went on internet to see. After some checking, it came at the moment, that for the price of one Apple he could have had, at the local machine assembler, three office PSs altogether with licenses for WinXP and MSOffice. He made his decision very quickly, I made him Excel application, because it was fastest I could have came up with, and he started. Recently, he realized that Excel was not good enough anymore to deal with all that data gathered in last three years, and after some thinking, we downloaded SQL Server 2008 Express R2, and VS 2010 Express, and started building new app. I might not be able to invoke threading with VS Express, and connection with database is not so easy like with VS Pro, but hey, that’s 10GB fine engine database, and it’s for free. Did Apple give you something like that only for the price of OS?
    As for camera login: I didn’t use password at my home comp until recently when I downloaded SQL server (because it requires it). I’m not blessed with children, so I’m not obligated to perform parental control. Nobody touches my comp, and I don’t touch anyone’s until I’m asked for advice. So, why passwords at all? At work, well, our sysadmin during his sick leave, sent me an e-mail from my manager’s account just to show me that everything is possible. I want to say, if we are not colleagues, only scan of eye login would save me from mean people at work, because someone would have to dig my eye out to login as me, and that moment I would be more upset about losing the eye then losing the job. I want to say, MS leave the typed password, or do that login job for real.
    As for diminishing keyboard: I’m typing this on MS natural keyboard, before that it was Chicony, also ergonomic. I don’t believe that fully functional speech recognition would be available soon, so I could be telling all this and word processor place that on the e-mail. They couldn’t make that happen in next 20 years to be so cheap and affordable for personal machines. If they could, Hollywood wouldn’t pay live people to give their voices to animated characters. Let’s stay on the ground: until Win8 comes out, nothing would be able to replace good keyboard, especially not some stupid touch screen. Actually, I can’t stand looking through fingertips on the screen. Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe it’s not. Me too, I also think that guy Ballmer lost it.
    I could think up nice application for touch screen in industry, or POS or even on cell phones, but touching the screen to watch the movie right after that? Better, let’s go to cinema, and have some popcorns.
    Microsoft, I’m not buying that pre-packed piece of plastic. You call that keyboard? After making the best keyboard I ever touched, you offering me… this? Thin, minimalistic… you call that hardware? I can’t believe. Do you want to insult my intelligence, or you want to be sued for stealing design from Apple?
    Just one expectation more, because this one is real. I want my screen being THIS big, and I want it 3D. So Microsoft, make OS for our comps and phones, not comps and phones. Not that I ever have any bad piece of hardware signed by you, but those were pieces, not pre-packed machines. That concept means loss of choice, freedom of thinking. It’s not democratic, I don’t want to wear a uniform, or drive car with automatic gearbox. Get serious, MS.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  113. Honestly I doubt that’s real…

  114. facial recognition. sounds cool. until the criminal thats wanting to get into your computer holds a photo of you up to your computer. i mean, think about how many people have photos of themselves or family members in their home, and how easy this would make it to just log into their computer. heck most people have photos of family members sitting on their computer desks.

  115. I think MS still has it wrong. They look at Apple’s success but fail to imitate it. That is, Windows 8 will, “…arm users with an effective set of tool that will both deepen their understanding of their PC, and enable them to fine tune their PC experience. Users will be presented with helpful and intuitive views of the system, applications running, resources being used, helpful personal and historical context, along with actionable, timely and pertinent advice and suggestions.” Well, see, folks like Apple products because they just work…out of the box. I understand there are geeks out there who want to twiddle with every bit, etc. But, “users will be presented”…I don’t want to be presented with anything. “Enable them to fine tune….” It’s 2010, can’t the computer come fine-tuned…or figure it out itself? Why do I have to get involved in setting up my computer? “Along with actionable, timely and pertinent advice and suggestions.” Great, this reminds me of the Vista “Are you sure?” dialogs getting in my way. Windows 8 goal should be, “The user turns on the computer and the apps are waiting to run. The user logs on to the MS App Store (sic) and one-click buys/downloads and app and runs the new software.” I didn’t see a SINGLE line of text that related to that kind of user experience. Rather it is all “give the user piles of stuff so he/she feels empowered.” I want a computer that works…I don’t want to be empowered. Glad Apple can shed some light on “devices” that “just work” for the common folk–there is room for improvement, granted, but Apple’s products “just work” way better than other brands. Yes/no?

  116. Windows is going to die soon.. due to its own weight and complexity. Just like a huge star succumbs to its own gravity. Windows would better try to be simple. Business tactics are making it add more and more unnecessary fluff.

    Good luck to Windows.

  117. Oh goodness! It looks like a really ugly Mac! Microsoft must be getting desperate…

  118. So basically Microsoft like what Apple are doing so are copying them. Where is the innovation at Microsoft now? Problem for MS is that they are years behind the iPhone and iPad, as well as OS X (in terms of UI especially). They have been sitting on their laurels after creating Windows XP. Windows 7 did some catching up, but the entire Longhorn debacle and inability to release a capable web browser are symptoms of the major problems they are having.
    It only takes a look at one of the interviews with Balmer to see why. The guy is not an innovator, he doesn’t have vision like people at Palm/Apple/Google, he is just an empty suit. They need to fix Windows from the ground up, a shift to UNIX would solve half of the problems the OS has, then MS could focus on UI and creating their own style of computing. Do what Apple did in the early 2000’s.

  119. The facial recognition works well on the alienwear laptops, quicker than choosing the user and typing your password. I have tried a photo and that never worked. Windows seems to be just trying to mimic other program/OS/systems rather than truly come up with anything innovative.

  120. Not a good thing for Microsoft’s confidential plans to get out this way. Apple is fantastic, but Microsoft still has an important place in our life today.

  121. Hi Stephen,
    Good write up of the Win8 slides, thanks :) In case you’re interested I’ve posted up some thoughts but more from a business perspective – would be interested to hear your thoughts.


  122. it’s just a marketing stunt in my opinion

  123. I am not sure I like the idea of the integrated machine…its so copycat. I however cant wait to use the reset feature and the windows store, what took them soooo long.

  124. … Just use Linux. Windows is becoming more & more a XBOX only a little bit more flexible.

  125. I get three things from these slides. 1) Microsoft continues to fragment rather than consolidate their OS. 2) Microsoft responds to their competitors rather than forging a new path and forcing their competitors to respond to them; and 3) Microsoft focuses on tactical advantages – gimmicks really – rather than creating strategic advantages. Microsoft really is skating to where the puck is rather than to where it’s going to be. In 1995 Microsoft released the Zune to compete with Apple’s iPod. In 1997, Apple released the iPhone. Now, in the Fall of 2010, Microsoft is preparing to release Windows Phone 7 to compete with the iPhone. And Apple has already released the iPad. Now these documents show Microsoft releasing – in a year or so – an operating system to compete with the iPad. Where will Apple be by then? Far ahead of Microsoft, that’s for sure.

  126. Not a good thing for Microsoft’s confidential plans to get out this way.

  127. I have tried a photo and that never worked.

  128. In 1997 I predicted Microsoft would be more of a joke than a company by 2020. So far, they’re right on track!

    – The “Reset OS” feature should be called “Respawn” or “Respwn”, for as we all know..
    – Alternately, “Reset OS” could just save their data, install Linux, and replace all their Windows apps with Linuxy apps. haha
    – 2D facial rec is mind-numbingly retarded. Unless your face is flat to begin with..
    – All “All-in-One” devices suck; one part breaks, the whole thing’s craptastic. They need to Lego-fy everything if they want it all stuck together.
    – Apple took *nix and spooged a nice UI all over it. So what. Big deal.
    – All versions of Windows suffer from the same amazingly rude flaw: The user comes last. When I am typing in a document or email, or have the pointer over a button I want to click, how DARE you grab focus from ME and give it to some OTHER UI object you’ve just PUKED onto my screen? Sorry folks, but the Amiga did it right here: the window with focus keeps it until user clicks elsewhere or the window closes. It’s not fscking rocket surgery.
    – On the slides themselves: Microsoft, like Apple, is stuck in their own little world. Currently, M$ has the monopoly on mirrors and dogs.. and Apple has all the smoke ‘n’ ponies. Their brains have been mutated by their own radioactive software. They couldn’t produce a better bunch of slides to save their miserable lives.
    – As long as people 1) continue to buy stupidly priced hardware and software, and 2) fail to educate themselves and take responsibility for their actions, whether computers are involved or not, everything will just keep coming right back around in a circle.

    Enthusiast AND Human,

  129. Well, what did we expect? It’s Micro$oft..
    I’m happy with Windows 7 though :)

  130. That is a problem. Then each dominican have to buy complete PC for user. Wait 5 year for user one Refullbuilt.

  131. Okay, one problem though…if it uses facial recognition for you to log in, well I have a twin brother and even though we’re not completely identical, what if it’s not good enough technology and it mistakes his face for mine? That could be disastrous…=/

  132. Such a piece of crap. Windows keeps getting worse each iteration. There is no reason for their targetgroup to go and buy windows when they can just go and get a mac instead. This “user friendly” experience is just shit and gets more confusing the more control they take away from the user. I really hate that MS is taking this direction

  133. Actually Win8 is a minor update on the way to Windows9 in 2015 FYI. The general public will be moving onto other Form factors like the Slate and only true computer users will remain to use Desktops and Workstations. Laptops will have the power of todays Entry level Desktop (finally). But the critical information remains classified (and we are under Non Disclosure). This was obviously fabricated or release on purpose to gather consumer data and feedback. We’re not that stupid comon.. Planned Leaks are the norm if you non deveelopers haven’t noticed. Duh.. Telephone, Telegraph and Tell the Kitchen, no better way to get good feedback.

  134. @John Edwards: Thanks for commenting, but I’m going to have to call your bluff. I can’t sit idly by any longer and listen to the grossly uninformed opinions that these are either fake or intentionally leaked slides.

    I know for a fact that these weren’t intentionally leaked. And, yes, there are MUCH better ways to get GREAT feedback than “planned leaking,” as you put it. It may make sense to you, but it really doesn’t. A leak like this is quite damaging to the time, effort, and money Microsoft has spent thus far on planning and gathering truly useful feedback via research/testing (usability, controlled, etc.). You don’t leak information on this scale simply for feedback, because the only people who are going to comment are those who have something negative to say about it. You don’t see websites dedicated to happy consumers; you see websites dedicated to helping people complain. Leaking content is done to generate excitement, not negative opinions.

    Microsoft develops and caters to business partners and loyal customers and the percentage of market share there is so vast (numbers you undoubtedly do not comprehend the gravity of) that it’s practically useless to do something like this to get the opinion of the .0001% of people who are more than likely only going to comment with how much they hate Microsoft.

    I’m sorry, but your reply sounds astonishingly amateur and posing as a person under NDA is obviously a lie. Windows 9 planning is no more than a minor thought at this phase. Sure, it’s on the road map internally, but that’s about it. They’re going to wait to see how the response is to what they code into Windows 8 before proceeding with functionality they’ve shelved from current planning or action items in response to truly useful feedback from business partners and customers.

    Everyone has an opinion but the ones that matter during this phase of planning surely aren’t the people who come out in droves to comment on news like this. Sure, perhaps Microsoft will be interested to see what people are saying, but why the heck should they listen to “John Edwards” or anyone else from the blog? For that matter, why should anyone here trust you, anyway?

    There’s no reason for Microsoft to intentionally leak something like this. Leaks are supposed to generate excitement and they could have achieved that task with *one* document containing the very best tidbits of everything encompassed within all of the documents that leaked. “Planned leaks” may very well be a norm where you come from, but not at Microsoft.


  135. FAKE or not, either way MS loose, this is so stupid it BETTER be fake. :-D

  136. Seriously people….get it in your thick skulls….MS and Apple, both never think about what a user actually wants. They are a bunch of suit wearing computer engineers who keep idealizing about what an average computer user is, instead of getting out of the damn meetings and PPT sessions and asking people what they actually want. Try this on for size you folks – I have a much, much faster, cooler and more reliable laptop under Ubuntu than I did with Windows, both Vista and 7. And I get 6.5 hours battery life out of a $1200, full powered 15.6″ notebook….which is more than what Apple promises on a much more expensive system with the same configuration. Grow up people. Stop fighting over the brand name. See what suits you and use that….and not something your neighbour o someone else says is better. Try it, but use it only if it’s better for you. Apple, MS or Linux….it really is your choice. Don’t let someone else decide for you. I have a friend with a monster rig. he uses Windows for gaming….for he has to, and uses Ubuntu for everything else. I know the jump to Linux is a bit difficult, not because it’s a difficult OS. It’s because you’re used to Windows or MacOS. I had the same issue as a Windows veteran. But after a couple of months, I realised that Ubuntu is the easiest thing to use as it works like YOU want it to, not like it wants to. And seriously, you get all this convenience for free. No charge at all. So why fight and waste your money when you can have something better for free.

  137. In short, you’re an idiot. I could create does slides myself.

  138. Ghost: Okay, then. Do it! Go ahead and create ~15 slide decks; all ranging from about 25-50 slides each, all with unique information, bulleted points, tagged, conceptual art work, screen shots, etc. Go ahead! Use all made-up information if you have to.

    But of course you won’t, because it’s not about that. Any of us here technically *could* create these slides, but to deny their authenticity at this point is truly ridiculous. Thank you for contributing absolutely nothing to this conversation. lol.


  139. Eh, if it happens, it happens. If not, oh wells.
    On a different note, I think some of you are enjoying getting your “hate on” towards Microsoft and towards the owner of this particular site.

  140. For those bemoaning the lack of cloud computing technology in the next Windows OS it’s important to remember that many parts of the world do not have cheap & fast internet access yet.
    I (in Australia) am not in a position to spend $100+ per month on internet use and I couldn’t think of anything worse than waiting for applications to download before I could use them every time – let alone just to use my OS!
    Storage is cheap so there’s no reason for not wanting to store apps & files in my own PC. I have no need to access them from multiple locations (though a 16GB USB stick the size of a key is fine for that). The cloud should remain ‘optional’ for many years yet.

    A focus on faster bootup is something I applaud.

    I do think the webcam login would have issues. What about adequate lighting to get an image? Having to turn on the light to login to my computer…

  141. Нормальная такая операционка, в скором будущем вообще от экранов откажутся. Это наверно будет версия Окна 999 :-)

  142. Just like to comment on “facial recognition used for login”:

    1. While it’s easy to start the camera driver during login, Windows still need to start the camera software to communicate to/from the camera driver. The camera software will be the one doing the facial recognition and authenticating.

    2. Camera hardware/drivers are normally “powering down” the device if it’s not in use to save power (case of notebook computers). If camera is supposed to be “kept alive” just for the purpose of login, then that would result drained power for locked-down machines that is running on battery.

    3. Login process should not be automatic. The user must have all the control when to log on to the system or when not to. Sitting in-front of you computer doing other things (talking on phone, reading text messages, doing checkbook etc) while the computer log you in, doesn’t feel natural.

    4. Would the system considers it as a “failed login attempt” if somebody else sits in-front of your computer? Talk about facial brute forcing :D

    5. Cameras have range and x-pixels limit; lens that can be adjusted; and acquired images are dependent on light (some have flash and night vision). On lower x-pixel, say 72dpi, even brothers who don’t look that similar may look alike. As for the range, how far do you need to be for Windows to consider you as logging in?

    6. In order for most facial recognition implementations to work, you need to feed them information based on their limitation. Some implementation can only “identify” a face only if there’s only one face on the image. Some can even go further by analyzing all “possible faces” within the image (including objects that may look like a face). Using unstable technology for as sensitive as authentication system is simply not a good idea.

    7. Still photos, identical twin (or look-alike), and cosmetic make-up can simply defeat this security. A security that can easily be defeated easily is not security at all.

    Anyway, pardon my skepticism, I’m just a driver developer who happen to work with cameras before.

  143. “Bueh, patadas de ahogado :/ estoy más que seguro de que el próximo Mac OS los va a dejar en ridículo… como siempre, jajaja”

    My spanish is abit rusty, does this post have something to do with “Potatoes” and “Mac OS losing” and “being ridiculous”?

    “And Microsoft: *please* rethink the “My Folder” nomenclature you seem so wedded to. It’s fatuous and infantilising, and makes us all sound like narcissistic children.”

    Whoa, lots of fancy words there; quite well proving that Apples brainwashing of the education community worked pretty well … and that they finally learned how google.

    Windows 8 isn’t gods gift to computer users, neither was windows 7 and certainly not OSX.
    Not even linux will dominate the future, atleast not completely … but the most important meaning of “OS” in the future will not be “Operating System” but “Open Source”.

    Future plans should not be revealed as a secret inside document from a profit hungry company, but should be a open discussion; “this is what we want, do you need help building it?”

  144. Sehr interessant hier der Bericht.Super

  145. “aiming to help customers have a seamless experience across their personal and professional lies”


  146. dont any of you realise this is fake?

    damn u guys are gullible

  147. Haha, they’re using the Tango Icon Set (which is mostly used on Ubuntu and other distributions) for their presentation. Don’t they have their own networking icon? :-)

  148. That stuff about signin in with a webcam will gonna be a lot of fun.
    How people are gonna spoof that will gonna give Great jokes on youtube.

  149. and indeed its fake. althought microsoft is a Big company.
    The people who wrote these documents in the first place just get fired.
    And then the music just continues if you get my drift

  150. Linux is the Future…I’m not criticizing Microsoft Windows but I love Linux than Windows

  151. Microsoft is still Microsoft. Look around you people! Maybe Mac is just 5% of the computers in the world and the 90%+ is Microsoft. Those Microsoft haters are really funny. Well, I’m not a fan of Microsoft, but let’s face the truth that Microsoft really helps the world. I admire Apple, but then I salute Microsoft. Can average people buy a Mac computer? I don’t think so.

    I know it is just your opinion. But, lemme tell you, THINK before you SAY.

  152. Thank you all the msftkichen family for this useful information.
    Add more info in Windows 8 whenever you find.


  153. An MS machine won’t work. It’s another e-machine, only it’ll be expensive. They may give you the option to upgrade parts upon purchase, even at that time it’ll cost more than retail and OEM parts that you get on newegg or tigetdirect. I’ve had clients return their DELL and HP boxes because they “weren’t meeting their needs” even the very expensive ones. So they asked me to help them build their own boxes and they came back with a big smile. Trust me, people want to know “what is in their box” and they do care about price. I’m may only be the 2nd richest duck in the world, but i know a thing or two about finances. And people care about “you get what you pay for”.

    I’ll also jump into the whole OS dealy for fun. Bottom line, people want 100% .exe support. My Apple customers have asked that I install Windows for them just for the purpose of opening .exe only programs. They cannot stand emulation or patched APIs. NIX and Apple have limited support for this. It’s quite strange that the latest OS for Apple cost only 28 USD (full version) and yet, nobody cares to give it a try for the big reason that it will not run what many of the people want. It’s was always about the .exe and x86 support.

  154. I really really don’t like these concept at all.
    The only good thing about it is the fast boot time. But thats about it. I do not want to be “spyed” by my webcam and get logged in automatically.

    What i absolutly dont get is, why don’t they use some of the great Longhorn Concepts?
    Back than, microsoft has had some absolutly amazing concepts and got out vista =/…then windows 7 to “fix it”.
    I dont see the same spirit there anymore. Till vista it was about getting out amazing stuff…make something stunning new stuff….
    and now its just “to keep up” with the rest….”be like apple”….etc…

    Don’t get me wrong…they did a good job with windows 7…its stable…its good….but its definitly not great…..i think with Jim Allchin and Bill Gates they would have done something amazing….

  155. You’re kidding? Why should anyone get worked up over this?

  156. it’s veryyyy nice

  157. Schade Microsoft! Alles ist forbei!

  158. What I am curious to see is how Microsoft deals with login failures over face recognition.

    Will there be a fallback scenario where the user is able to enter the password like before?
    How will the software deal with natural processes, such as aging, tanning or a simple 3 day stubble?

  159. Why not wait and see how the response for Win 7 comes out from the consumers?

  160. Sounds very nice, is there a date for the beta vesion? :b

  161. Bring back XP

  162. Windows 8 is a giant Id Thef Orgy mess with social media as one of its main components

  163. Ummm. Face Recognition? I’m doing that now, on Windows7, with KeyLemon, works great. On unlock, it frequently logs me in before I would have time to key in a 3 character password.

  164. Ya’ know, there is a well known problem with facial recognition and black people. (see the youtube video) and in fact I recently saw a brand new HP touchscreen machine at PC Richards where people were still demonstrating the same fault.

    I can just imagine the embarrassment for MS when windows 8 refuses to let black people into their own systems!

    Sounds like a facepalm CNN moment to me!

  165. I’m Paulo Henrique, from Brazil.

    If Microsoft really thinks that it’d be a good bet to resemble itself to Apple’s strategy, then why has it never spoken of Windows code optimization for the latest hardware? I mean, Microsoft has got to STOP thinking only about making Windows easier and more user friendly to get IT ignorant people to buy it.

    I’m pretty sure Microsoft would have plenty of Linux and OS X users to switch to Windows if they started optimizing their OS for the current hardware, like optimizations for the SSE2, 3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, 4.2, and so on. Optimizations for the 64-bit architecture would also be GREAT! Apple has done it. They released a whole new operating system, read Snow Leopard, with no focus on new features, but OPTIMIZATIONS! Their new OS is faster on everything due to code changes and so. Windows lacks that.

    Reduce Windows memory footprint even on machines with 3 gigs or more of memory allowing applications to have more memory would be great too. At last, one person’s computer has its hardware resources not for the operating system to run and only it, but for the user’s applications, like very power demanding games, multimedia related stuff, etc.. It’s like, I’m now running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 on a 2 GB machine and it eats up around 40 to 50 % of the total amount of memory with NO aps running. That’s disgusting! The OS should be as invisible as possible, as smooth as possible, as lightweight as possible in order for it to be enjoyable to every one, including those who prefere OS X now.

    Think of it, please! Optimize Windows code and make it faster and faster. Make ads talking about how fast you’re making the new Windows and you Microsoft will get much more people to buy your software.

    From Minas Gerais, Brazil – Paulo Henrique de Medeiros. (

  166. Microsoft have finally realised Apple is the way forward…
    Windows 9 will probably have an ‘Iconic Pear-shaped Logo’!!

    >a href=””>Manuales pdf gratis | Articulos | Descargas | Noticias | Tutoriales | Trucos | Todo sobre PC Redes e Internet

  168. Same old same old to the business plan that computer companies have been doing for years. Except that they do expect you to purchase a new computer AGAIN. Driving small businesses and families broke. The only thing different is the one button push instead of the three finger salute. If most people learned not to log in as administrator but as a regular user instead it would probably stop ninety percent of the problems. But then we quit using MS completely five years ago. Still using the same computer too.

  169. I love that iMac reject! Wait, no I do not.

  170. Concerning facial recognition, I hope if Microsoft do implement it they do a much better job of it than their current attempts. My Toshiba came bundled with facial recognition software as part of the log on procedure. I thought it was a pretty nice idea to begin with, until it never recognised my face. EVER. So I ditched it and stayed with the bog standard password. Facial recognition is too much of a gimmick, as most people are perfectly happy with tapping in a few letters on the keyboard.

    Not to mention quicker..

  171. Any clues on the upgrade path from Windows 7? I’m a bit fed up with having to wipe every time so I’m kind of hoping that the “Push-button Reset” might extend to a W7->W8 update as well …

  172. Facial recognition + cloud computing = disaster

    Home based computers wont be that good at facial recognition. Tie that in with user centered accounts with emergence of cloud computing and you have a recipe for disaster.

    Say Windows links up home user accounts to your email, your purchased software, your purchase abilities, or other social networking accounts with the use of facial recognition. Simply get a really good photograph of someone (or video), hold it up to the camera, and boom, instant access to that persons emails, accounts, files.

    Spying on your neighbors, friends, enemies, or even public figures, or simply messing up their personal lives will become a breeze. Simply go online find a pic of them (whether it be from their facebook, myspace, etc) and begin.

    The sheer number of lawsuits that would be directed towards MS if this scenario played out would simply decimate the company and Windows would be flushed down the toilet by the general public.

  173. I bet Microsoft will go a head of MAC with its new operating system.

  174. Once again we are being hooked by the nose and led to more complication and less satisfaction. The whole idea should be based on satisfying the customer (us) on the most basic of levels and based around the phrase “When I turn on my computer I want it to…” and start fixing thing from there. When I turn on my computer I want to see my operating system as fast as I turn on a light switch and see light. I want my apps to run flawlessly without so much as a peep of “not responding”. In other words, if I’m paying for something it means I’m not beta testing it and I want “not responding” to go the way of the dip switch. App store? Sounds good but only if the “apps” in there can guarantee I will not see a “not responding” Cloud computing? The majority of the user population doesn’t even know what cloud computing is. Want me to praise an operating system? Advertise that the operating system will operate on even “that piece of crap” and DO IT and I’ll praise it for you. The bottom line is, a lot of people are paying a lot of money for apps that don’t do what they advertise unless you already have high end equipment or are willing to sink more money into what you’ve got if it’s not cutting edge. Translation: $50.00 software = $150.00 hardware purchase, total $200.00.

    Does all this mean I’m anti Microsoft? No way! I applaud Microsoft for dragging us out of the commodore, radio shack era and giving us a base to build on. Without them and intel and a few others there never would have been a era. And when I hear talk about “legacy free” and “clean start” I’m all for it as long as the above (no more “not responding”) comes with it…
    …nuff said.

  175. I’m pretty sure the reason that Microsoft didn’t include desktop PC’s in it’s form factors section is because the form factors they included were form factors that were in need of “product differentiation”, in other words they need to distinguished this products from others on the market (yes, I did use wikipedia). Desktops are one area where Windows really stands out from competitors in, pretty much the only market that apple has little say in, but areas such as tablets, laptops, and all-in-one pc’s are areas where Apple has challenged them so Windows is trying to distinguish their products in these areas. I don’t think Windows would abandon it’s desktop users, I really hope they wouldn’t.

  176. Windows 8 turns me on.

  177. It sounds like an interesting plan, i just wonder what kind of rules that “app store” will have. If you look at the gazillion rules the app store of apple has, im a bit a afraid for that.

    That reset button however is an awesome idea!

    Would like to see the UI though.

  178. Great article!

  179. Logging in via facial recognition sounds great on paper, but, if you’re showing the person’s face live on the screen, anyone who is either ugly or in a dark room will get a nasty psychological jolt every time they sit down. You don’t want to see some hideous webcam view of yourself every time you sit down – it adds a nice little sinkhole to the computing experience. I would recommend that the live login-view either be cartoonified/rotoscoped (in some appropriate way), or not shown.

  180. As much as I love Apple, I’m getting tired of having to use Microsoft products at work, and I look forward to a pleasant experience during the 8-hour work day. I hope Windows 8 is a real improvement over 7. Most focus is hopefully on UI/Stability rather than backwards compat.

  181. i love this karl salter

  182. i hope facial recognition detects each persons face in 3d… then it would be more secure… otherwise, what’s stopping someone from holding up a photo to get in.

  183. Sounds like a plan interesting, I wonder what kind of rules, “App Store” is. If you look at a gazillion rules on the App Store, Apple is im a little ‘fear about it.
    The reset button, however, is a great idea!

  184. I hate to say it but this site looks kinda fake. The slides look like someone was trying hard to make a document that looks similar to the documenation Microsoft uses for consumer end-users. Which make it digestable for the general public. However, something tells me that communication, this early in the game, within Microsoft, does not have all the easy to read graphics. But the real tell in all this was the idea that they would only sell bundled with hardware. I’ve been in the industry for 7 years and that’s a pretty big turd hanging out there. I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on this one. They don’t mention features similar to Apples Siri, which I’d be really shocked to hear, they’re not working on. So this is not only a fake, but a fake by someone, who I personally feel doesn’t really know as much about the industry as he thinks he does.

  185. I just like the valuable info you supply for your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again right here regularly. I’m reasonably sure I’ll learn many new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the following!

  186. Microsoft really seems to be taking a swing at Apple with this one. This “look” and “gesture” controlled interface seems like a really awesome idea.

    In terms of desktops, they wont be around forever as some have stated. As technology advances, we are going to crave more of it in a more portable form (i.e. laptop, tablet, all-in-one etc.). The hardware of a desktop is easier to upgrade now, yes, but with technology also reducing in size, whos to say that wont swing in the way of laptops and portable machines in the future?

    Regardless of whether or not desktops will continue to exist or not, there are still going to need to be people who can fix this type of software. Microsoft is going to need more and more educated individuals to man a project such as this one seeing as all of this new tech seems leaps and bounds harder to control than that of its predecessors.

  187. One of Microsoft’s biggest hurdles, this advancement included, is Apple.

    It sure does sound like they’re trying to create a product that can directly compete with the user friendly versions of MacOS available to Apple users.

    One thing’s for sure though, Windows 8 sounds awesome on paper but will it be as smooth and as advanced as promised? Well that is something we will have to wait and see for ourselves.

    Another problem Microsoft is going to run into is maintaining the complexities of things like “facial login”. These seem like features that are not as simple fixes as the dreaded “blue screens” that have become so synonymous with windows products. I hope Microsoft is training their IT department well because as this new tech develops, the problems that come along with it develop as well.

    We as a society have become accustom to quick fixes, I just hope that they can maintain that status quo with all of these new advancements.

  188. interesting plan, everything would seem rather fascinating, I might throw a web link for this article in my own website. I’ll much like the whole “look at the photographic camera in order to firewood in” factor, in which looks like a very good principle, and i also actually feel by investing in ‘microsoft’ hovering far more towards Apple’s type.

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  190. What I would like to see with Windows is improved its security, they are way behind this on MAC.

  191. Grinding out a 20 store market tour today… Let’s see what our customers are saying!!

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