You know, it’s hard for me to believe that I’m just ~4 months shy of having last posted 2 years ago! I’ve been busy fulfilling writing duties elsewhere — primarily, on ZDNet — but with Windows 8 soon hitting the shelves, I can’t think of a more appropriate time to start picking things up around here again!

So, after kicking the idea around for a number of months, I’ve finally decided to get the ball rolling. The first major order of business will be to get rid of this horrendous theme (I used to like it when I first put it together, but now, I think it’s hideous) and find something much more attractive and approachable. Along the way, I will most likely post here and there, just to get some lively action going for the search engine spiders and those of you who are interested in keeping up with progress.

It’s been an interesting past couple of years, and reading back at my previously-written content here, I’ve changed so much as a writer that I almost want to nix everything and start from scratch. But that would be committing search engine suicide, so I’m opting to leave everything as it is. :)

I’m excited to see what the future holds for my endeavors here, and I hope to continue offering the type of meaningful coverage that has afforded me some very humbling and awesome accolades in previous times. Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to read this update and please stay tuned. More to come very soon!



  1. Best news I’ve heard all day. I always wondered why it seemed like you dropped off the face of the earth. ZDnet is a good reason I suppose. :] I look forward to seeing your posts in my feed again. Good luck with getting things setup.

  2. It can be expected. Please come back!

  3. Great news, I too wondered why the updates just stopped :)

  4. awesome man, glad you are going to liven this place up again and sooooo glad you choose not to delete everything, its a treasure trove here, lol Yarrrrgh! i cant wait to get your posts in my feed again!


  5. So happy to see that you’ve starting blogging again, love this blog!
    Would love to see a template with a metro theme :)

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