Microsoft job ad confirms Fresh Paint app coming for Windows Blue and Windows Phone 8

It’s been quite a ride over the past few months with all the speculation and rumors surrounding Windows Blue, but in a new showing of clumsy Windows-Blue-related job ad editing, Microsoft has now confirmed plans for the wildly successful Fresh Paint app to be enhanced for Windows Blue and brought to Windows Phone 8.

Fresh Paint, one of the top 10 apps for Windows 8, focuses on a simple, magical, and fun experience. We are the top-rated app in the Windows 8 app store in the entertainment category and one of the top-20 apps all-up. We have been prominently featured in the Windows 8 advertising campaigns; from TV to print and social media. We have been regularly recognized in the press as one of the top apps for Windows 8 with CNN naming us “Coolest App in Windows 8 Store”.

In the short term, we are developing the next version of the Fresh Paint app for Windows Blue and taking it to Windows Mobile 8.

It may just be poorly worded, but it sounds like Windows Phone 8 users are going to have to wait until the next version of the Fresh Paint app is completed before it will brought to mobile.

In addition to this Windows Blue mention, a job ad confirming the existence of Windows Phone Blue — first noted by Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet — is still residing in Google’s index, despite having been removed from Microsoft’s site. Here’s the interesting bit:

As a development lead you will hire and manage a team of top-notch developers, be personally involved in designing and coding features, and work closely with PM and Test counterparts across multiple orgs to help realize the vision of building high quality excel app for Windows Phone Blue. In partnership with the Excel MX, Data Visualization and Excel Web Services team your team will be responsible to develop a common code enabling us to build a mobile app which will (1) allow users to have a consistent experience with spreadsheets across Web, Slate and Phone end while leveraging the power of the cloud (Excel Web Services, Office Client Services, SkyDrive and O365).

Lastly, here’s a new mention of Windows Blue from a Microsoft employee on LinkedIn:

Obviously, Windows Blue is happening. But what’s unclear at the moment is where Windows 9 fits into this equation. At this stage, the next major revision of Windows is typically little more than whispers and wish lists; however, there’s already mentions of Windows 9 coming straight from Microsoft, as well as Windows Phone 9 from employee resumes and Microsoft Gold Partners.

At this point, it seems that the answers we’re getting to the questions of Windows Blue are coming with questions of their own! I’ll keep digging around to see what I can find over the course of the next few months. In the mean time, are there any Fresh Paint app fans out there? I’ve never messed with it, personally, but it seems as though a lot of people really enjoy it. Thoughts?



  1. It is too good to be true, it must be a fantastic achievment , but I think it will be some time before it can be loaded with aplicatoin prgramms, the why window 9 ,

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