The meal that saved Chinese food

It exists! A good high quality Chinese meal on the average price.  IN METRO MANILA!

It’s been years since my last visit. I might not like the interiors but I love the food and the price. At 6pm, we had all the wait’s attention all to ourselves.

Real shrimps (with an s) Hakaw… No extenders!

Thick (Hm, I like mine thinned out) Hot Sour Soup that didn’t need ocho or black vinegar.

My fave, Vegetable Rolls, that refreshing feel of sweet vegetables in my mouth. The best quality tofu slices. Mushrooms were absolutely fresh. The flavors of umami in a steamed healthy dish.

Of course, I needed Yang Chow Fried Rice on a cheat day! A meal in itself – all my Yang Chow fave ingredients. Lots of asparagus – love!

You won’t go wrong with the Roast Platter – century egg, Peking duck, char siu, soy and white chicken, seaweed, and (drum rolls please!) the crispiest, juiciest, yummiest roasted suckling pig slices.

You know what I’ll have for next month’s cheat day… a whole plate of Roasted Suckling Pork at Zong’s.

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