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As you can obviously tell, I’ve been spending an exorbitant amount of time scouring LinkedIn for Windows Mobile 7 information, and it sure has been fruitful! The information in this post should help to paint a fairly decent picture of some of what we can expect for Windows Mobile 7 and its devices. Though much of this information has been floating around out there in one form or another, Microsoft has been tight-lipped about Windows Mobile 7. Because of that, the next best thing I’ve found to getting confirmation straight from Microsoft is getting it in bits and pieces from current and former employees (or, better yet, employees of other companies working with WM7)! That’s what this post is. I’ll chime in when I have something to add, but the majority of what is to follow will be direct quotes from LinkedIn profiles. Admittedly, I don’t keep up with the mobile scene much, so hopefully you mobile-junkies will be able to glean something decent from this.


Developer for the WM7 Handwriting Recognition system. Source


I am responsible for designing and developing the Multimedia subsystem development for Tegra (APX2500) on Windows platforms including latest OS Windows Mobile 7. Source


Planned, designed, architected and implemented MEMS sensor capabilities in Windows Mobile 7-based platform, including accelerometer and compass. Source (Hey, I thought this guy made karate movies! lol. =B )


Owned the testing of the Nickname Cache feature and Windows Live ID feature implemented by the Exchange Mobile Client team to be included in the Windows Mobile 7 release. Source


Sr. SW Dev. Engineer – Symbian S60 & WM7 (2008 to 2009), System Integration & “Bring Up” Flow, using diff. Design Platforms (Linux/Java, Symbian/S60 and WM6/WM7) Source


Responsible for the integration of BCM4325 wlan chip on Caesar Platform (OMAP3430) on WM7 as a native host driver. Source


Oversaw development of the Rich Video Call(AT&T Video Share) UI, session control, and porting of the IP Multimedia Subsystem stack to Windows Mobile 7. Source


Working on creating and maintining automation software used for automated testing of ActiveSync in Windows Mobile 7. Source


(Premium Mobile Experience Group) RIL, GPS, WiFi, and USB on Windows Mobile 7. Source


Managed Test Automation for Windows Mobile 7 Outlook Mobile syncing. Source


Low level programming (database/sync management) for Outlook in Win Mobile 7. Source


Windows Mobile 7 Board Support Package for Freescale chipset. Bootloader development, NAND and OneNAND Flash Memory drivers. Source


Development of Test automation for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Mobile 7, the next generation of Mobile Operating System. Source (Most likely at IE8 now)


Last assignment was as consulting Dev PM/Lead on the Windows Mobile Platform Team (MESE Dogfood). Working to help make Windows Mobile 7 rock on Motorola and Samsung devices. Source


Develop Windows Mobile 7 BSP for Freescale ICs. Source


Collect requirements from internal teams and create a long term deployment plan for Windows Mobile 7 Labs. Design and direct the creation of self servicing lab spaces for three Windows Mobile 7 add on projects. Oversee the public launch of one of the Windows Mobile 7 add on projects. Source


Windows Mobile 7 integration on TI chipset platform. Source


Now, I’m leading a team, responsibility for Qualcomm platform and Windows Mobile 7. Source


Working on the (then) next generation Windows Mobile 7 Messaging Application. Focusing on Messaging functionality and interface. Source


As a researcher, gathered requirements from the project team and formed the test task list and test document of WM7 IME, Live
Video Search, and Mobile Search usability test.


Microsoft UX Team Project Manager for the Mobile Insights Panel
• Drove progress for this $2 million instrumented mobile phone research project to collect user activity data from 400+ users to improve the Windows Mobile software experience.
• Worked with the Windows Mobile team to create special data collection software for the MIP devices. The WM team is looking to include parts of this software in the production release of WM 7.


Creating feature prototypes for Windows Mobile 7 in Silverlight. Source


If any of the aforementioned quotes are no longer on their respective pages, then those people were probably asked to remove their references of Windows Mobile 7. At the time of this writing, it’s all there. Also, if you find information in this post news-worthy, please give credit where credit is due. I spent a lot of time gathering all of this information and posting it. Thanks.




  1. Hi all…
    I am playing games on pc and i like to more about mobile…
    I like this article because it's about mobile phones…

  2. Hi Stephen
    how do u think about first brand of pocketPC's that use wm7 in future ?
    thank you

  3. Right now Apple is abducting all of those people in order to get all the information they can and to be prepared for the next battle.

    Sometimes info does not help, and alters the future. cheers!

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    It is really good to see such article on Mobile 7.I never found any detailed article on Windows Mobile.The source link provide so much information.I hope they will work on the content moving here and there.


  5. Any indications of whether WM7 is a “fully memory managed” environment, based purely on .net? I heard rumours to that effect, and it seemed to tie in with the widespread praise for the Zune and XBox OS and XNA environments which are managed.

    It would seem to make sense that since iPhone apps are developed using objective C, that WM7 goes with C#!

    I’ve also heard that windows 8 may well go the same way with a complete shedding of native code in favour of pure .net.

    Would make it the most secure OS on the planet if it was!

  6. I’m a bit surprised to see how positive a lot of these reviews about windows 7 phone are; but I’m glad to see it.I mean, what functions this os has choice than the others …I mean the one million question is what’s going to be on the mind of early adopters (I am seriously considering being part of that group) is going to be when we might start to see software updates that will fill in some of the gaps that people are already droning on about; and whether or not we’ll be able to update the first generation devices to those new software versions.

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