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In my near-desperate quest to dig up Windows Mobile 7 *anything* prior to its rumored upcoming announcement, I found a rather interesting UX mock-up by one Jeremiah Whitaker, freelance UX designer who has done some UX prototyping for the Windows Mobile 7 team as noted below (description snipped from his LinkedIn profile):

Windows Mobile 7

Now, while that job description is certainly enticing, it lends absolutely nothing if not to the imagination. Luckily, he links to his portfolio where something a bit more visual can be found. In his own words, here is how he prefaces the images to follow:

NDA dictates I keep this vague. For a leading cell platform I created UX flows of common controls and usages. After client review I created flash demos. Those demo’s were then reviewed and passed on to SectionSeven development to create interactive prototypes. This process allowed for very efficient UX development.

So, between what we see on his LinkedIn profile and that little description, we know which “leading cell platform” he’s referring to (Windows Mobile, just in case you haven’t been following along *cough, cough*). Unfortunately, the interactive demos he references are not to be found, but he provided a screen shot of the development of one of them along with a rather telling set of UX flows that screams multi-touch. Check ‘em out and take note of the 2 gestures I enclosed in the red box:

Windows Mobile 7 UX Flows: Common Controls and Usages
Windows Mobile 7

Windows Mobile 7 UX Demo Development Screen Shot
Windows Mobile 7

As noted, you can see a multi-touch gesture in images 2 and 3 within UX flow 02, so that only contributes more to the speculation that Windows Mobile 7 will contain support for multi-touch gestures (even if it doesn’t for whatever reason, this is confirmation that Microsoft has at least considered it to a very high degree). I think WM7 is shaping up to be a fairly awesome mobile OS in theory, but we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out when they finally announce it here soon. Personally, I’m holding out on upgrading my phone for the time being. If Windows Mobile 7 ends up reeking of as much awesomeness as is implied, I’ll be hard-pressed not to wait as long as a year to get it on the first wave of devices it comes standard on. What about you?




  1. Definitely super-excited for Windows Mobile 7. I’ve heard that MS has multiple UI and UX designs internally and they have experimented with all them, and tried to choose and pick out the best one. I guess we’ll see the best UI they chose next month. So any leaks or screen shots we see online could easily be completely false.

    I am, however, certain that there will be multi-touch built right into WM7. Its in the Zune HD and even Windows 7, so its crazy to think that it wouldn’t be in WM7.

    I strongly feel Windows Mobile 7 will be the most important thing MS will do this year, just like how Windows 7 was last year. Can’t wait!

  2. If they are indeed basing a large amount of the UI/UX and developement platform on Silverlight, I can easily see them quickly iterating through many different designs.

    I need a phone. I think I can at least hold out until the HD2 makes it to the united states. Then I should be set for WM7…until the next cool thing.

  3. Can’t wait for WM7!
    I trust Microsoft for a superbe Mobile OS. Waiting to upgrande my HD2 WM6.5 to WM7.
    And Please, if someone at MS is listening: THE COURIER!
    Finally, i’ll reach the nirvana for a phone branded MS. The Zune HD phone will be a dream, hoping not forever.

  4. I’m due for an upgrade and this may may hold me off just a bit before I jump on a Nexus or iPhony

  5. John, I agree it’s a better idea to hold off and see. We don’t know what WM7 will really be like. The specs still aren’t official, so there’s no guarantee that a HTC HD2 will be upgradeable at all. It’s only about 2 more weeks and we’ll have more detail at MWC.

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