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After a long bout of silence regarding Windows Mobile 7, I’ve finally stumbled across some recent information (where, “recent” = August 2009). Back in May of this year, I posted a slide which contained a Windows Mobile 7 device release date of April 2010, which – at the time – jived well with what Mary Jo Foley had previously reported. According to an Office 2010 presentation recently given to partners, there is a slide maintaining detailing (see update below) a Windows Mobile 7 Spring 2010 RTM time frame.


Also included in the slide designated for, “Office Mobile 2010″ are a couple of, “Office Mobile 7” UI prototype images. They greatly resemble the long-ago leaked Windows Mobile 7 UI prototypes to a, ‘T’. I can’t imagine that Microsoft has chosen to stick with that UI up to this point, so I’m going to take a wild guess that those images are equally as old as aforementioned leaked images they so closely resemble. Not to mention, with Mobile UI concepts like these floating around, I have high hopes for a stunning Windows Mobile 7 UI the likes of which we have yet to see.


With that said, here is a snap-shot of the Office Mobile 2010 slide, along with an image I threw together that includes a better look at the Office Mobile 7 images in the slide:


Windows Mobile 7, Office Mobile 7, Office Mobile 2010


Office Mobile 7
Windows Mobile 7, Office Mobile 7


If you will notice, those two mock-ups are a bit sloppy. In the left image, you can see the Excel icon sitting on top of the task bar. In the right image, the text in the task bar runs under the center button and outside of the inner gradient border. Despite those, “flaws” (they are mock-ups, after all), this is the first reference to, “Office Mobile 7″ I’ve yet to see. Likewise, this is the first time I’m aware of Microsoft actually showing images of this mock-up UI in a fairly public format. As such, I’ll certainly keep my nose to the grindstone and bring you any further information I can get a hold of!


UPDATE: Mary Jo Foley commented below and provided some valid insight:


The original roadmap showed phones preloaded with WM7 being available in April 2010. So if RTM of WM 7 is spring 2010, that’s about 6 months later than it was supposed to be. The big question is: If they RTM in April 2010 or so, how much of a lag will there be till the OS gets on phones? If MS can take this lag out, as they claim they plan to do, that will help them get to market a little faster.




  1. Hi, Stephen. The original roadmap showed phones preloaded with WM7 being available in April 2010. So if RTM of WM 7 is spring 2010, that’s about 6 months later than it was supposed to be. The big question is: If they RTM in April 2010 or so, how much of a lag will there be till the OS gets on phones? If MS can take this lag out, as they claim they plan to do, that will help them get to market a little faster. MJ

  2. @Mary Jo Foley: I’m glad you said that. I was wondering if they indeed meant RTM for the software or if that was still the time frame it would be on devices. Indeed, that makes things a bit more interesting…


  3. The mobile team being six months late for RTM is a good bet based on their record. And the more concerning part is it’s unlikely their vision was so far ahead two years ago that three years later it will still be industry leading. I expect something that will still be behind the then iPhone. Really embarassing performance by MS.

  4. @Paul: Here’s the thing. Windows Mobile 7 has been in the plans for 6 years now. Depending on the age of those mock-ups we’ve all seen time-and-time again – along with the shift of usability that’s in Windows Mobile 6.5 (honeycomb UI) – perhaps they will be able to pull a rabbit out of their hat… especially if Windows Mobile 7’s UI resembles the Zune HD’s UI, as has been rumored. I suppose we’ll find out in due time.


  5. At this point it’s pretty foolish to assume that we know anything about Windows Mobile 7. They’ve been pretty up-front about telling us that we aren’t going to see so much as a pixel until they are good and ready.

    It’s easy to underestimate Microsoft when it comes to this sort of thing. They seem to get a kick out of being the underdog. As if that wasn’t enough of a cliche, the sleeping giant is awakening.

    As far as the schedule goes, I’m hoping that we hear something during the keynote. If we see anything during PDC, then I think the spring RTM is a good possibility. If they aren’t ready to talk about it then, well I guess we have to wait.

  6. Wow, thanks for sharing this info. This is most interesting. Never underestimate MSFT.

    As a veteran SharePoint enterprise afficionada /architect this is part of the Office / SharePoint 2010 ecosystem I was most curious about… can’t wait to try the beta bits of OM 2010 on WinMo 7.

  7. @Robin Majumdar: I’m happy to see you found this interesting! You’re definitely not the only one excited to try the beta bits of Office Mobile 2010 on Windows Mobile 7! I’ll see if I can’t dig up more information on this since I see you’re interested. Thanks for your comment!


  8. @ Stephen:
    First up, thanks for all the great work you have been doing @Uxevangelist and now here @Msftkitchen.
    And, I understand your concern and frustration about others stealing your work.
    Having said that, here is my advice / request:
    Please reconsider the the watermark ‘’ across your exclusive shots. The one currently in use seems to be too big and distracting (a little ugly too), perhaps there would be a better alternative.

  9. Eh, I don’t think the watermark is too bad. What is distracting are the trackbacks. Is there a way to show them seperate from the comments?

  10. @Remella: Yeah, I still have to figure out a nice watermark. I just cooked something up quickly so I could post the content. I still want to watermark my shots but I’ll have something better at some point. Thanks for voicing your opinion!

    @kettch: Separating them is something I’m trying to figure out. There may be a plugin I can just implement; I haven’t checked yet. I’ve been trying to do it in code, but my template isn’t developed using the same code that people reference in their tuts for how to discern the two, so it’s a royal pain in the ass to figure out (I’m roughing it with the PHP stuff… having to really learn it for the first time now that I’ve migrated to WP). I’ll get it soon enough. =)


  11. Am I misreading something or is this:

    in violation of your legal policy? I don’t see them attributing to you.

  12. @Rhys: I thought the same, but they do have a link to me where it says, “Read.” I don’t mind that since they have that and the site they link to is generating a good bit of traffic my way as well. =) Thanks for the heads-up, though! I appreciate it.


  13. I just removed trackbacks/pingbacks for the time being until I can figure out how to separate them in the manner I would like. Having them all show up below the list of comments is still ridiculous-looking when having to scroll through them all to get to the reply box.


  14. Eww…

    I am a developer, but even I can come up with a better idea for a UI…

    Used to be a MS fan…

  15. @Utbamf: Honestly, I think the GUI is fine. There is no need for a bunch of flash content all over the place. It’s basic and gets the job done. Maybe he could design a new webpage, but that would take away time from finding all of this great info :)

    Keep up the great work!

  16. r u sure about windows 7 mobile???

  17. As usual, Stephen has great information and spot-on news! I can’t wait for the next tidbit!

  18. Hi Stephen – thanks for this.. i am a die har Windows phone fan.. have been using it for years now.. dropped my Diamond 2 in water (yes I had MyPhone installed :D) i am using my old Tytn 2 in the interim. I plan to buy the HTC HD2 now. Do you think i will be able to upgrade to Windows mobile 7 in the future? (officially – not a xda cooked rom :P) shall i buy it or sall i wait for Windows mobile 7? your advice?

  19. An important point to consider is the fact that OEM’s want to upgrade the UI heavily.
    Take a look at the HD2 videos – those are add ones and extensions for the WM6.5 UI. That, to me is powerful. I want the OS to provide the Operating system, leaving OEMS and ISV’s with the ability to improve the UI Experience on a regular basis according to your needs and tastes.
    You will be able to Run Wm7 on an HD2, but you will probably need a cooked rom to do it any time soon.
    I have used cooked roms for years, slapping on whatever UI I think is best, and stripping down the advertisement trash that Carriers add in order to have a very responsive device.
    I have an Touch HD running the HD2 main UI, but the WM6.5 Rich mail client, Calleder, Settings, Dialer, Browser etc.

  20. hmmm cooked seems fine too.. as long as it runs.. the only issue i forsee is that wm7 requires 1bg flash memory or more (leaked specs).. but who can underestimate the power of cooks.. does anyone have any idea WHEN wm7 is planned to lauch.. hv been hearing about it for ages now.. just love the windows platform :)

  21. You’d think after all these years watching and waiting for Microsoft, we’d all get used to these cryptic and interminable delays. It gets so annoying sometimes. My friends love their iPhones.

  22. I hope the user interface isn’t like 6.5. Small icons with touch screen don’t mix Microsoft.

  23. small icons have been changed to big in 6.5 :)

  24. im a newbie when it comes to smartphones, but i was looking into getting the sprint touch pro 2 wid windows 6.1, then upgrade to 6.5 when it becomes available. would i still be able to upgrade to windows 7 without doing anything fancy to the phone? dont know wut “cook” or anything means…just looking for a simple “click and upgrade” type thing..possible?


    HTC HD2 will be officially upgradeable to Windows Mobile 7
    November 21, 2009 [Pocket PC phone] | By Edward J. R.

    Yes, so if you had doubts whether you should buy this phone – the first Windows Mobile phone with multi-touch – then you shouldn’t have these doubts anymore.

    HTC will announce availability of Windows Mobile 7 upgrade for HTC HD2 as soon as Microsoft will officially announce Windows Mobile 7.

    It will be official upgrade from HTC, not a hacked ROM from PPCGeeks or Xda-dev.

    Note: we reserve the right to not reveal source of this information.

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