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Here’s a little demo video I cooked up for all those Windows Longhorn fans that are still floating around out there. Commonly referred to as the, “Longhorn Days” demo, I decided to make a video using components from the actual demo and spice it up with a little bit of Incubus. =) This one’s for the old Longhorn fans – you know who you are!

HD Download (30 MB): Longhorn Days Video 01



  1. SWEET! Long live Longhorn. The unborn father of Vista and Windows 7…

  2. Longhorn sensory overload!

    i have a cronic case of it^^ (LSO) it gets triggered when i see really sick videos coupled with really wicked good music, i try my hardest to figure out how its done (trying to mrap my brain around it all), then i remember whos blog um visiting…

    man thats makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like sipping hot chocolate after playing in the snow all day…lol

    any changes of getting download links to that?


  3. Why can't we have something like that in 7 now? I've always liked watching these videos. When I seen the concept videos, and started the beta, then it transitioned to vista, I couldn't understand why Microsoft even tries anymore. Even with 7 (which I do like) looks nowhere near as exciting as Longhorn.

  4. The WPF Aero apps we're building ontop of Windows 7 for clients look exactly like that video :)

    Its alive and kicking but all under NDA :(

  5. "The WPF Aero apps we're building ontop of Windows 7 for clients look exactly like that video :)

    Its alive and kicking but all under NDA :("

    Do you work for Microsoft or another company? When can we expect to see these products?

  6. I guess a simple search would have been easier.

    I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't use some of these really great tools in their own applications. Like Windows Live Photo Gallery could use some of these WPF effects and transitions, and be something similar to what was on Longhorn. Or at least, they could make an option to have the effects on or off. I have people here at work, that brag about the effects their Mac's have, and that Win 7, has poor attempt effects. Their is so much Microsoft could do, and they don't. I just don't understand.

  7. where can i find this build?

  8. KDE 4 + KWin/Compiz Fusion + make some decent GFX plugins for it + redesign the bloody interface = BOOM, you’ll have the Longhorn look&feel. Oh, sorry, this is just for damn Linux.

  9. i also can’t get why MS doesn’t want to make real UX to be exciting, they advertised vista to “bring clarity” – that failed, 7 went step further in doing more glass UI, but that still is nothing… i mean cmon atleast now MS has improved .net and wpf over bad
    times they had with longhorn, now they realy can do something interesting and appealing,
    everyone of my friends who ever used PC with windows gave feedback for both vista and 7 to be non appealing to switch over from XP

    and to be honest i realy expected that 7 bring some Longhorn magic back
    and it could have been good strategy when most people bashed vista but go in favor of 7

  10. Hi , could i please have the .flv used to generate these videos ?

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