Windows 8

Yes, another roadmap for you. This one comes from a recent Italian Windows Server presentation. If nothing else, this just verifies the obvious: The codename for the next revision of Windows is indeed, “Windows 8,” and there’s a 3-year gap between the current server release (minor) and the upcoming server release (major). The kicker here, though, is the ever-so-slight, non-committal tilda you see before the 2012, thus leaving them breathing room to maybe spill into 2013 if necessary. That tilda keeps things nice ‘n loose for Microsoft’s public deadline, but if Windows 7’s development is exemplary of how future versions of Windows are to be developed, (2nd half of) 2012 could be considered a worst-case scenario for the delivery of Windows 8 Server.

Windows 8

Also, another observation I’ve made is a comparison with a Windows Server roadmap from November 2007 that I posted last year (5th image down). It shows, “Windows Server ‘8’” with a release year of 2013. We’re all familiar with Microsoft extending deadlines, but with the timely delivery of Windows 7 and this latest roadmap implying a 2012 release, it looks like they may have very well learned from the Longhorn/Vista development SNAFU.

UPDATE: MJ Foley made a much more obvious observation regarding the older roadmap: “I read your map differently. I think it said 2013 originally cause they still were pretending WS2008R2 was 2010 a year ago…”

Touche, MJ… Touche. ;)



  1. come on, it could have easily been photoshoped. and i dont think the next version of windows after windows 7 will be named or codenamed windows 8. just my views :)

  2. @Anon, it wasn't photoshopped. This is from an official MS presentation. And whatever "your views" are, there have been Windows 8-related job postings.

    IMHO, the really interesting thing about this is that Windows 8 (or its server variant) is on track as a major release. My understanding was that before 7's release Microsoft was planning on future Windows releases being incremental, a la Mac OS. Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

  3. @Rhys

    windows xp? windows vista? windows 7? if you have a look all the names weren't same. xp to vista to 7. so 7 to 8? thats a little bit funny dont you think?

  4. Whether or not its funny, its showing up in official Microsoft documentation.

  5. @Anonymous: First point of mention is that, "Windows 8" is in reference to the codename; not the final name of the product. They may go with Windows 8 for a final product name or they may not. Bear in mind, each OS revision you listed had a codename separate from the final product (with the exception of – eventually – Windows 7, which went through a series of codenames internally before, "Windows 7" was chosen).

    As for you finding it funny, well… funny as it may seem, it's what Microsoft is calling it internally for the time being. I have plenty of previous Windows 8-related posts that link to employees and internal documentation stating, "Windows 8." For your reference:





  6. Given how popular Windows 7 seem to end up like, with shining reviews starting to pop up, I'm 99% sure Windows 8 will also not only end up as just a code name. :) We'll see, but I think it's more than likely.

    Actually, I think Windows 7 would've been a Windows Vista SE, if that name just hadn't got so tainted. I always considered the quick release schedule and relatively conservative feature set of Windows 7 to in part be a way for Microsoft to get rid of the Vista brand ASAP. ;-)

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