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*Thanks to Charon, a friend of mine from the blog, for sending me a note of this interesting find of his.


Chris Green, a Microsoft employee who appears to use his MSDN blog here-and-there, posted a rather telling product support lifecycle update on December 2, 2009. In it, he details not only the public information found on Microsoft’s product support lifecycle site, but he boldly goes where no one has gone before by mentioning not only Windows 8, but Windows Server “2012” (Windows 8 Server) and Office “2012” (Office 15)… with dates. Now, before I post these dates, it’s important to note two caveats that this information comes with. First, from Chris’ blog, found in his sidebar:


The content of this site are my own personal opinions and are not intended to represent my employer’s view. These postings are provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confer no rights.


Likewise, at the bottom of every page of the PDF, it says the following:


This information is provided as a guide only and is likely to contain errors.


So, as is typically the case with information like this, treat with a grain of salt. With that said, here are the dates:


Windows 8:


RTM: Friday, July 1, 2011
Mainstream Support: Friday, July 1, 2011 – Thursday, July 1, 2016
Extended Support: Friday, July 1, 2016 – Thursday, July 1, 2021


Windows Server 2012 (Windows 8 Server):


RTM: Monday, July 2, 2012
Mainstream Support: Monday, July 2, 2012 – Friday, June 30, 2017
Extended Support: Monday, July 3, 2017 – Friday, July 1, 2022


Office 2012 (Office 15):


RTM: Monday, July 2, 2012
Mainstream Support: Monday, July 2, 2012 – Friday, June 30, 2017
Extended Support: Monday, July 3, 2017 – Tuesday, July 5, 2022


He also lists dates for some additional products, such as Exchange 2013, SharePoint Server 2013, SQL Server 2011, and more.


Random Screen Shot of the PDF
Windows 8 RTM

One thing to note is that he doesn’t specifically note RTM dates for those above, just an “estimated” full product support lifecycle. That said, much of what is publicly contained on that list has a mainstream support date that coincides exactly with the RTM date. An assumption, yes, but rather interesting to see these dates, none-the-less.


Now, rather odd is how he has the Office 2012 and Windows Server 2012 dates corresponding almost exactly — both contain the same RTM/Mainstream Support beginning date — while Windows 8‘s dates are off by a full year. This observation lends to the notion that he didn’t simply jump ahead 2-3 years to the day of each current products’ RTM dates, i.e. Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 hit RTM status on the same date, yet Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 are out-of-sync by a year per Chris’ “estimates.”


Personally, I’m not going to invest too much into this but I will certainly keep my eyes opened to the possibility of these dates being a current goal internally. Realistically, I can see them hitting the Windows 8 RTM date (the earliest of the 3 I detailed above)… especially given the time frame of Windows 7’s development. Of course, the tell-all sign will be if the document and/or MSDN post are mysteriously removed or altered within the next few days or so. If that happens, there there may just be more to these dates than simply estimation after all!


Source: Blog
Chris Green’s MSDN Blog: Click Here
Product Support Lifecycle Document: Click Here
Microsoft’s Product Support Lifecycle Site: Click Here




  1. The newest entry in Chris’ blog is “After 5.74 great years at Microsoft I have decided to move on to the next big thing. “, posted an January, 12th. It seems somebody was not amused about the disclosure of the document.

    I am not sure if these dates are real or not, but when the first reports about the W7-M1 builds were published, one report stated: “Microsoft said that it will be at least another three years until the release, which would put it into the 2010/2011 timeframe. [..] So 2011 should be a good guess. [..]the source I was receiving M1 from, [..]point to a much earlier release date. Right now, we are looking at Q3 or Q4 2009 [..]”.
    Maybe Microsoft will surprise us again and show the world, how fast a good OS can be developed.

  2. July 2011 is too soon for Windows 8 – I just don’t see it coming out 2 years after 7. I’m almost willing to bet he typo’d and intended for 2012.

    If it was summer next year, they would have to start seeding previews later this year, organize developer and device driver events, etc. Not happening.

  3. As an Office employee, I can tell you these dates are crap. We have only just barely started thinking about the next version of Office. The current version (Office14 or Office 2010) is not even done yet.

  4. Bob don’t talk crap please.



    God damn, you ppl are so stupid. Stupid America.


  5. Yright, seriously. You’re just making yourself look like a dumb*ss.

  6. So basically Chris Green said that Microsoft is ‘so far down the shit hole’ that they have to update windows and double the price not once, but twice every five years.

    Thanks for ceding complete and total corporate control of computers world wide to Linux and Apple. I always knew you all would do the right thing and give up. =) I’m so happy that after ‘8’ I wont have to pay more than $75 dollars for my computer’s OS. =) I always love watching tech companies as they lie gasping for air on the ‘street’ floor, it’s just funny that its Microsoft’s turn. The ‘ghost’ will probably linger for years like SCO, but it will die all the same. =)

  7. Oh yea I forgot…
    Microsoft is derived from Unix.
    Apple is made from BSD.
    BSD is derived from Unix/Linux.
    Linux is derived from Unix.

    So basically everything is made from Unix so it tastes like Linux, but its not Linux. =)
    So eat me Apple and Windows fans, we all use the same system (mine is just 100% more free). =P =P =P

  8. @Atarivandio: Obvious troll is obvious!

    Your whole first comment is insanely delusional, first off, and second, to say Windows is derived from Unix, therefore we use the same OS, is even more ridiculous than your first comment. It’s like saying, “your stealth bomber and my boeing 747 are the same because they both stem from the Wright brothers’ invention… but mine plane is cheaper than yours.”

    Try learning a bit about how the Windows ecosystem works first, then come back when you actually have something half-way intelligent to say. Windows is fueled by the clients and customers who pay to use the OS. And if you think Windows 8 is going to bomb after what Microsoft just reported with their Q2 earnings based on Windows 7 alone… man, you’re living under a rock.


  9. Atarivandio : you make me laugh! Honestly sounds like you really know nothing about the MS ecosystem.


  10. I wonder if this is controlled hype or if this guy just wanted to see a reaction. Either way, i’m happy with what i have and i’m not upgrading my OS unless there is something new when i upgrade my pc. When will computers be good enough? It seems for most people, that was Windows XP. M$ will fail unless they start focusing on quality.

  11. Maybe they’ll actually replace notepad with something useful in Windows 8.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, who am I kidding?

  12. I just like being silly when I read silly articles like this. =) No offense to anyone on this post. =)

  13. I will be serious and simply remind you all of the Atari scenario (don’t think recent).
    That was the basis of my thought, why buy a new player for new media ‘X’ every year or two.
    To give customers incentive they will change SDKs to require new versions of Windows. However, due to the recent influx of OSS and related development Microsoft is now realizing that EEE no longer works in their favor. Linux lives in your thermostat, coffee maker, tv, tivo, playstation, some watches, most toys, most of the net, and finally most cars. Microsoft stopped voicing their opinion when they announced that Linux lacked feature X and some asshole would fix it in like an hour and the entire list above got updated all at one time. This isn’t a corporate threat on one front. Just look at what two years of Linux phones did to Microsoft. You think I’m delusional only because I’m a little flamboyant. Apple is in fact (FACT) made directly from a Linux derivative (that is why Apple has to let Linux live). Sure Apple has the money now, but they lack the number of developers required to do complete OS work on a modern scale (hence the small updates by anyone’s standards). By the way Window’s GUI the heart and soul of any OS uses X just like the leech Apple (How do you think KDE4 can manifest itself on-top of Windows without using like tech). Pay attention to Microsoft’s history. Have they EVER released another OS in such a short period of time. IT IS A TEST OF SORTS. Maybe a count to see who gives a shit anymore (Stephen Chapman), or to see who has gotten real for like ten f-ing seconds (Atarivandio). I hate paying a $600 ‘fee’ to run a $1000 computer that I freaking own ($75 or free is good enough to write a freaking paper, or surf net, or play a damn game)!!!
    Oh yea cherry on the cake…..
    Microsoft spent forever and billions to come up with that touch tech… A Linux user saw a preview of it on the news and in a couple of days (DAYS) using a cheap black and white digital camera and a barely transparent piece of tarp replicated their tech. Guess which one got the military contract (the basis for the mess to begin with). =)
    If you call reality delusional then I’m f-ing insane.

  14. @Atarivandio:

    Wait, wait. Now you’re sitting here placing my comments to you in an out-of-context manner. I’m not a mind-reader, I commented based on what you said when you first said it, so don’t go saying that whole mouthful and then polish it off with me calling you delusional after the fact.

    You’re all over the board with what you’re trying to prove. You saying that Windows 8 is an experiment to see if anyone cares sounds more like a conspiracy theory than an observation of reality. Your comments are based on pure perception where you perceive and take into account only the things you choose to as opposed to the whole picture. I mean, first, you say you like to act silly on “silly posts” like this, then you turn right back around and stroke your ego (or “flamboyance,” as you call it).

    Your comment about Apple and its developers is a pretty bold claim, don’t you think? I mean, what *is* an appropriate number of developers required to do complete OS work on a modern scale in your world, Atarivandio? It doesn’t matter IF OS X is a Linux variant because it still costs big money, thus defeating the whole purposes of it being anything of the Linux type. That’s your point, right? That Linux is free? You can whine all you want about who ripped off who and what’s derivative of what, but at the end of the day, the only people who seem to care about that and make that observation are people like you. I don’t see any lawsuits happening from these people, do you? Let me guess… you presuppose that companies don’t do that because they wouldn’t stand a chance against the big dog lawyers, right? You really are clueless as to how all this stuff works from the business perspective, aren’t you?

    You wrote a laundry list of all these things that Linux run on “most of” without actually substantiating any of those claims — ESPECIALLY the one where you say Linux lives on “most of the net.” Yeah, maybe in ISO format on tons of servers where nobody’s downloading it. Seriously, though, if you want to be taken seriously with such massively bold claims, how about substantiating some proof WITHOUT using the same old crap every other Linux user wrongfully points out or misquotes? Trust me, I’ve seen your kind come and go from my site and I’ve got a feeling that you’ll mysteriously disappear before I ever see you get serious with some substance. Same old fluff, same old FUD. Bear in mind, Linux is absolutely useful. The point I’m trying to make isn’t that Windows is any better or any worse than Linux. Yes, Linux is free and if that’s all you need, then good for you! Use what works for you, who cares? But for you to sit here and say some of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen anyone say about Windows… man, give us all a break and spare us the, “Linux is all around you and its betterer than Windows, you poopoo head Windows users!”

    Oh, and as for your “cherry on the cake,” please link me to this story. I can’t wait to see how grossly embellished it is with typical Linux user non-sense. It would be the PERFECT thing to throw in your face and ask why you don’t seem to care that the Linux guy *C.O.P.I.E.D* the technology Microsoft came up with — something guys like YOU are always saying Microsoft is doing of others. Go figure.


  15. I agree I was pretty ‘all over the board.’ =)
    To be honest Microsoft is the only company to employ the seemingly correct number of programmers (as they have the money to check and balance loads and performance issues).
    Linux is just too random to be that organized and Apple is more focused on good presentation.

    The truth about the net is that most servers do run FOSS software (not necessarily Linux, but more run Linux based modules and services than Apple’s or Microsoft’s). Linux is PROVEN to scale better, that’s just the way that cookie crumbled (the only competent real time exchanges are Linux powered ones too), windows just breaks once you scale beyond a certain point, even the majority of supercomputers are Linux by choice.
    You have to remember that Unix is not just an OS, it is a philosophy or methodology. In computers Unix is the standard method to program certain things like mice behavior on all computers or drive behavior on all computers. Windows uses a variant called NT, but is still derived from Unix. Unix is the most efficient standard guide to programming across all platforms. Unix is not the code itself, but the process of coding. Now onto code sharing.
    Apple, Windows, & Linux all use the X server as it was a standard, but a free and open standard (that means that no one had to pay for it and everyone was already using it). That means that what you are seeing on your screen is created using the same process, APIs, and abstraction layers. Cosmetically all OS’s are the same, only the kernel is different.
    Windows => Kernel = Xenix
    Linux => Kernel = Minix
    Apple => Kernel = BSD/UNIX
    In case you haven’t noticed that nix is the proud heritage of all computers. =) That nix is the most efficient way communicate with the machine.
    The basic truth to an OS is that they all support C/C++ and almost all languages except for .net, so that means that any program designed will fundamentally work on all computers. Once you realize that it is only a matter of price point. Linux isn’t necessarily automatically better, but is is cheaper.
    All OS’s are only different by initial features, but if you honestly try all of them, and honestly learn how to use them, and honestly be fair about judging them, you will find that they are all at parody. They all print and burn CD’s, and they all manage files pretty well, and to my knowledge they all browse the internet all the same if you are using Firefox on them all (an example of the whole OS doesn’t really matter).
    Linux is completely tweakable though, I would love to see Windows and Apple coding on a Linux base. Imagine a world where Linux has Apple’s beauty and Window’s professionalism.

    I just get the feeling fake dates were released to monitor consumer response…
    That one guy said he worked for office and that it wasn’t even started yet…
    Microsoft wouldn’t crucify their own ‘savior’… Unless…
    As for the copying thing, I’m not going to lie all software companies copy each other. t is just a fact of life, one hits it big and others follow. Just look up ‘compiz versus windows’ at youtube and you will see who copied who. Heck just look up KDE4 and see who just got finished copying who. =) Hint KDE4 was there first by miles…

    As for defending myself I’ll just say that defense is the self evident nature of something else. Your right anyways so I’ll not even bother telling you the shortcut to multi-touch in your software. =P

  16. Atarivandio, in my opinion, 90% (if not more) of what you have said is BS so picking it to pieces would be very time consuming. You really need to do more research before you start passing the statements you have made off as facts. For the record, I too use Linux.

  17. Atarivandio: o_O

    Windows has nothing to do with Xenix. Microsoft was developing it, before they bought and renamed ms-dos. Windows kernel is NT since long time ago. Windows is definitely not Unix.

    Linux is kernel and it has no Minix code whatsoever. Linux kernel is not Minix, Ubuntu’s kernel is Linux. It was built similarly, but hasn’t been anything like it for a long time. Minix is smallest functional UNIX. Their similarity is just that they adhere to same standards.

    Where did you find that Microsoft uses X-server? I’m not goint to believe it without something to back it up.

    Also, of course PC:s work with programs programmed with C/C++. That’s because they are compiled! Processor doesn’t read you’r C, it reads the instructions that are translated by compiler. It’s not about OS. Also, other architectures like ARM runs Linux as well, but it needs to be compiled again, as the same binary which works on x86 doesn’t work on it.

    Linux is not OS in the sense you say it is, Ubuntu is. Ubuntu does burn cd:s, because it has the application to do that. There are OS’s which use Linux, but can’t burn cd:s or browse www, or have X-server and such.

    If you really are not trolling, back up what you are saying.

  18. Who gives a shit?

  19. Microsoft dosn’t have 90% market share because there OS is better or has more features, MSDN is the reason along with visual studio, go ahead, don’t beleive me, ring 100 software companies tomorrow and ask them what developer tools they use, i can guarantee that 90% use visual studio, thus 90% of all apps, games and other code is made for windows, plus MSDN makes writing code a breeze as much code is free to use from the library, without having to figure out how to code it yourself.

    Yous say it’s not about the OS, yes it is, it’s called and API, and MS’s is hands down the best, most flexible and easy to code for of all OS API’s. you can’t make windows apps without the windows API, so yeah, the OS does matter. the OS is written in c/c++ and runs on top of the system. programs run inside the system, they moved to this system when they invented windows NT, older windows had a DOS backend and all prgrams had to direct draw, and manage their own memeory ETC. Windows takes that away. Until someone can pryse the developer market from MS, they will dominate PC market share for the foreseeable future.,

  20. Eehhehee! Shaun…
    Even Microsoft top coders don’t use the Visual Studio you mention, they use good text editors. Even the Windows coders I know usually use Vim or something. Also, if you code GPL-lisenced programs, there are like thousands of times more quality code free to use from all other GPL-software. Try to beat that…

  21. Penguin – do you keep your head up your ass for the warmth?

    Visual Studio simply makes coding windows apps easier. If the “windows coders” you know are using Vim, theyre either coding in VB Script, or theyre braindead. Shaun is right.

    Jesus… sometimes you elitist Linux donkeys just baffle me.

  22. If every OS were free (Microsoft, Apple, Linux, etc), which do you think everyone would switch over to? Linux? I do not think so. Apple? I doubt it. Microsoft? Quite possibly. The bottom line is, if it were free, you would definately use it. This isn’t a debate about which is better, it has to do with what your willing to pay for the software you use.

  23. i love window server canected
    plis send wan window

  24. Think of a world without the developments MS has made , yeah they have made a few mistakes in the past , but if vista had not come along to be a prob how can you have fixed it up ? Their developments are pretty good if you look at it AND they have the resources to do alot tha others just dont , so next time you slander them – only do so if you have done a BETTER job rather tan reading a blog randomly .

  25. While I understand every product has a life-cycle, my point of view is that you gather feedback of your product to better prepare the next one. What could they possibly working on now? They claim 7 is the best Windows so far. While I won’t argue with that, what do they intend to put in 8 that they didn’t put in 7 in the first place? Are they suggesting they rushed out an unfinished product?

  26. Windows 8 = Cloud

    OSX = Cloud

    The future is farked because baby Jebus shat himself!

    Maybe now is good time to throw bricks at the dirty politicians? Perhaps better yet just drop everything and install Linux :)


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