Windows 8

Well, on this day of PDC 2009, since I won’t hear anything about Windows 8, I took it upon myself to see what I could scrounge up. It looks like a bit more is being announced to partners where Windows 8 Server is concerned… well, in the context of a roadmap, at least. The information all says the same thing I’ve been reporting via other roadmaps: Windows 8 being released around a time frame of 2012. Perhaps the whole, “end-of-the-world” thing in 2012 really has something to do with Windows 8. Or not. lol. Either way, here are the additions to my ginormous roadmap collection:


Windows 8


Windows 8


Although that second roadmap doesn’t have anything listed for a name, it’s once again the same old song: Windows 8 ~2012.




  1. That’s a pretty slide. I wonder what they made it in.

  2. When will you get rid of the registry? This left over is one of the major weak points of Windows. “Cloud computing” nonwithstanding, more important is a stable OS that will not grdually develop the inevitable problems caused by the registry database. A faster, more streamlined OS that takes less space than the previous one. It becomes more important as we move to SSDs.

  3. Josh: Issues like what you’ve mentioned are most certainly on the forefront of efforts like Midori. If you haven’t heard much about Midori, it’s essentially a secretive OS project going on inside of Microsoft and it’s gaining steam. Its aim is to alleviate all issues that have become/will be limitations with Windows.


  4. zen00: Thanks for the heads-up. =)

    Lord Haw Haw: Powerpoint 2007, most likely!


  5. Use Unix or Linux… at least they work.

  6. Radical and Fundamental Changes are needed, both with windows as a product and the method in which windows is sold and licensed.

    Changes to Windows:
    -Integrated support for different generations of CPU – Boot Time Detection of CPU Architecture and activation of 32/64/128/256 bit kernel.
    -Integration of Architecture emulation such that x86_64 CPU Op Codes may be emulated on x86_32 machines, x86_128/256 Op Codes may be emulated in x86_32 and x86_64 machines. Other significant architectures may also be emulated.
    -Split of Kernel into a Low Level Hardware Layer and a Virtual Machine Layer
    -Segregated Administration Virtual Machine with strict controls on what software may be run – i.e. limited to installation of new software, hardware administration, management of existing hardware.
    -Application only Virtual Machines – Virtual Machines presenting a sandbox environment appearing to be an independant environment for running a single application.
    -User Account Virtual Machines – Virtual Machines presenting a sandbox environment appearing to be an independant environment for User access. User will call for programs which will be executed in Application only Virtual Machines.
    -Internet Virtual Machines – Virtual Machines presenting a sandbox environment appearing to be an independant environment for running programs with external access.

    -Total Individual Machine Encryption. Substantial (at least 4xcurrentmax) Cyphers based on a combination of some or all of User Identity, User biometric data, National/Global Identity Signature, Computer Hardware Signature, Password.
    -Supplementary Software Application Encryption – Individual Applications will in addition to being subject to Total Individual Machine Encryption, will be subject to Author and Application specific Encryption, such that an Application binary file will be written to storage with unique cyphers, and can not be transferred unless decrpted and then re-encrypted.
    -The ability to Pause/hibernate a program in a fixed state to free up memory and resume the application at a point in the future, even following a reboot or other dramatic changes to the system – except perhaps where certain hardware might be unavailable later – e.g. Video Capture paused, device detached, Video Capture resume cancels until device reattached
    -DLD – Dynamic Linked Database. A Database for all Dynamic Linked functions including multiple versions, to provide support for old and new software and support for different generations of different architectures. One Database allowing for the loading of individual functions as required, rather than huge libraries with thousands of functions grouped on the of chance that most will be used – maybe.

    -Binary locking – prevention of execution of unencrypted binaries.

    -Discrete Registries. As long as Registries are maintained and as soon as succeeded, Each Application should have a discrete registry stored with the Application. No Registry information should be stored in the computer’s own registry except for a reference to the application’s own registry file. The OS Registry should be altered to include tree and user based permissions, perhaps storing user specific registry data in separate files from system specific registry data.

    -Extended Filesystem Model – Use of dynamic volumes to separate OS, Applications and User Data. Instead of using single partitions or volumes mounted as Drive Letters, create a root directory mounted as a Drive Letter, with space sufficient to store directories and mount points only. Directories such as Windows, Applications, Users and sections of trees for users, application authors, applications etc should be created as discrete mountable volumes. The volumes can be pre-extended in blocks on a similar basis to LVM, but can dynamnically be grown or shrunk as new data is added or removed, extents may be defragmented in addition to the file content, can be moved to other physical media dynamically, can be discretely encrypted with unique cyphers independant of file encryption.

    Enhanced User Control.
    -User need to be able to control all aspects of running software, including setting permanent default resource settings such as Affinity and priority, maximum memory and cpu overheads e.g. a process might have a default affinity, a normal priority, but be limited to a maximum of 128MB memory allocation over and above binary space and a maximum of 25% cpu overhead, a maximum of 4 instances, a maximum number of windows, tabs etc, a maximum number of threads, control over thread priorities and so on, Control of access to other resources such as disk or network.
    -Users need to be able to control finer points of installation software – that is to say a program when installed must allow the User to define or limit the behaviour of the software, and be able to disable certain aspects. Where such control is not given, the OS must forceably limit such behaviour and provide options. E.g. any software installed with functionality which may be executed when the machine is booted must configurable and if desired, deactivated.

    Changes to Sale Model.

    Windows should be split into a core product with Addon modules or feature packs. The core product should be quite limited with a basic functionality and features – advanced features might be present in the kernel but might not be more than partially usable or completely unusable without the relevant FeaturePack, and could be sold for a token charge or even given away. The core product could be licensed, but only to create an association between the core and FP modules.

    Microsoft might group functionality into addon modules or feature packs, these being distributed separately. Feature Packs might include Network FP, Mobility FP, Entertainment FP, Basic Business FP, Network Administrator FP, Security FP, etc etc.

    The FP may be sold again for a token charge.

    The money may then be made from licensing. In addition to a token charge for a core product license, the FP licenses may be sold for a more substantial charge. If the Licenses are not tied to specific types of FP, then a consumer of business may be able to pay for 10 FP licenses and use these to install 2 FP on 5 machines or 5 FP on 2 machines.

    As an incentive, discounts may be offered when buying larger numbers of FP. Perhaps buying FP licenses in multiples of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, … might attract progressively larger discounts or perhaps a small number of additional FP licenses e.g. buy 10 for the price of 9.

    Licensing might be provided via a proprietry memory card. subject to stupendously tough encryption, such encryption might be tied to the purchaser in order to limit the use should such media be lost or stolen.

    Using a memory based container for licensing means that the license may be assigned to a machine, to a FP and details of such a machine might be recorded within the memory card. Such a license would then be unavailable, until it is deinstalled from the original machine.

    Should the machine fail or be repaired and upgraded, the OS or features may be subject to degraded performance until the memory card is inserted or accessed and may then be updated. Should the hardware from one licenses machine be redistributed into two or more machines, then the components in other machines will be deassociated from the license when the license is first updated against one of the original components.

    The memory card nmay support a significant number of licenses, additional licenses could be added at any time. While registration may not be mandatory, providing information for statistical purposes may be incentivised.

    Since encryption is significantly increased and is dynamically built based on hardware, personal data, software and software author, it would be virtually impossible to hack a machine, to duplicate or replace software and by adopting and integrating virtualisation into the kernel, Microsoft may lay the ground work for kernel level clustering – where two or more machines on a LAN may with appropriate permissions interface and run work load across the LAN. Sharing of resources, e.g. a VM is started on Machine 2 to access local hardware but is controlled from Machine 1. A VM is split over two or more machines in order to reduce overheads by only loading specific resources on one machine

    I ACCEPT that much of this may be wishful thinking and may be considered beyond the reasonable ability of todays hardware, however I think that it is no inconceivable that much of this may be achieved over the next few years as performance increases, particularly with 6 and 8 core CPU’s based on 22nm technologies currently being developed allowing for significantly fast CPU’s to be available over the next 5 – 10 years.

    If readers haven’t got anything constructive to add then don’t respond, I welcome any feedback from Microsoft, I have plenty of additional ideas on how to improve the operating system.

  7. I want the Windows to be very secured from virus.
    I want IE to be improved a lot.
    I want to see a very improved outlook client that integrates social networking, mail, and map, so that I get a very good user experience rather than having them on browser (because web client is bit slow).
    A very good C++ framework (like Qt).
    Improved Silverlight, so that I don’t need to load JavaScript from server.
    and many more.. u know better than me :)

  8. One thing I would like to see is a separate system folder. Currently, the Windows folder is abused by third-party programs and even Microsoft’s own applications. A folder should be created where all Windows settings and programs are located there. This folder should be hidden by default. Everything that users usually change should be in a different folder. The other thing I want to see is resolution independence supported in Windows itself. Windows Vista debuted a composition engine and WPF which both support resolution independence. However, Windows itself still relies on the pixel grid. I use this feature in Mac OS X, however in OS X it’s limited, at school. This are two features I would like to see in Windows 8.

  9. One feature I am still waiting for is a centeral
    installer/updater/dependency resolver framework.
    This framework should provide open API for third parties
    along with package signing that enables vendors
    to update their software without messing others.

  10. I took Windows 7 for a spin and was totally unimpressed. It’s the same old crap Microsoft has always peddled … once again trotted out with fancy new window dressing and all of the configuration utilities shuffled around again so you can’t find them. At its core it’s still unreliable, insecure, and way too expensive. I expect the same for Windows 8.

    I’ve gotta hand it to Microsoft, though: they executed the astroturf campaign for Windows 7 flawlessly.

  11. IGnatius T Foobar: If by, “same old crap” you mean the functionality that its users find useful – thus deeming no reason for change – then, yes, Windows 7 has, “the same old crap.” I always have a difficult time believing that someone as obviously anti-Microsoft as you even installed Windows 7… much less, tested it to the point of being able to say that it’s, “still unreliable” and, “insecure” at its core. It’s kind of funny how, as an advanced Windows user, I was thinking the polar opposite. Go figure! I guess the non-Windows users are always up-to-snuff on the true status of an OS they don’t even want to touch, huh?

    Seriously, though… examples of your assertions, please. Not that you give a crap about the Windows ecosystem or its users, but just ONCE, I would like to see someone like you humor us all and give us examples steeped in your own experiences with the OS, not rehash the same old garbage you can find on any Joe Blow anti-Microsoft site.

    Seriously, though. Just humor us.


  12. @IGnatius T Foobar, From your response, I can tell that you’re the stereotypical MS-hater: a simple-minded hack who just spews out the “same old crap” that others like you think up because of a blind, fairly retarded hate for MS. As someone who has used 7 for a year now, I can tell you that there’s more to 7 than just the “window dressing”. Tell me, what do you know about the Windows 7 core?

    From your response that’s obviously expected from a simpleton like yourself, I can tell that you probably don’t know much about 7. As I’ve used 7 for a year, interacted with people who have also used 7 for a similarly long period of time, tested it on various machines, know people that know how Windows is built, and have some common sense, I can tell you that there are MANY “under the hood” changes that improve performance, stability, and reliability.

    Since installing Windows 7 last year with build 6801, I didn’t get any BSODs whatsoever that weren’t caused by me OC’ing my RAM to unstable levels. I also probably had 2-3 crashes in that whole period of time (which, mind you, I was mostly using beta builds). I’d say that it’s pretty impressive that I had such few crashes on beta builds of the OS, and was able to use it as my main operating system while it was currently in development.

    The RTM build only recently came out, and since then I’ve been using it without any issue whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fanboy. See, unlike you, I don’t have any blind hate or love for any brand whatsoever. I’d more than willingly bash Microsoft on its crappier products, such as Windows Mobile and IE, and I have nothing against OS X and Linux.

    I like the work of all companies; if I like something, I’ll state that I like it, if not, I’ll also state it as well without caring what the brand behind the product is. It’s people like you who need to just stay out of the majority of technology forums and blogs and stick to your elitist, arrogant, and narrow-minded inner circles.

  13. IGnatius T Foobar: mannn you picked da wrong place to write an ignorant comment. If you want to bash something bad thats ok with me but with some facts and figures. It really sad to see how jobless these fanboys are(apple, linux, microsoft, google etc), to go looking things to bash for no reason. I dont think I have ever been to a site without mac, apple, linux or windows fanboy fight (most of the time article has nothing to do with what they are fighting about). but anyway you guys give us a good laugh :D

  14. If windows 8 is gonna hit stores in 2012, we might be able to get the beta atleast around 2011 PDC!!! but MS said win7 will hit early 2010, but was out way before. so win8 beta might be out by 2010 PDC… what do you guys think???

  15. I just reported and featured Windows 8 in my video podcast! I’m super excited what will Microsoft offer in the next major release.


  16. IGnatius T Foobar: Didn’t think so.


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  18. Windows XP 8 will be a good name for next generation of windows.

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  20. One feature I am still waiting for is a centeral
    installer/updater/dependency resolver framework.
    This framework should provide open API for third parties
    along with package signing that enables vendors
    to update their software without messing others

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  23. Windows 7 is simply awesome. Can’t wait for 8 all that I want from windows is to more secure with virus situation and stable. I don’t like to hang my program while working. :S

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  26. I’ll review windows 8 for microsoft

  27. I think Microsoft should make a OS where you can switch between their older operating systems so you can run older programs without Virtual PC. It should also be one big OS where you can switch between 32Bit and 64Bit if you have 64. It will have every type of that OS on one DVD. It will have the normal one and the [N] version. It will have every edition on it and your product key decides which one to install. It would log on by detecting your face with a webcam if you like. It will have it all!

  28. I just reported and featured Windows 8 in my video podcast! I’m super excited what will Microsoft offer in the next major release.

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