Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7: The Story I Almost Missed

Apparently, Verizon’s employees aren’t very educated with Windows Phone 7 yet. I recently purchased an HTC Incredible (I’ll get a WP7 device one day, but desperately needed something more modern than my LG Dare what with social media being the way it is these days and all), but just prior to making that purchasing decision,…

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Microsoft Begins Recruiting for Windows Phone 8

  UPDATE: What follows is my interpretation based on the information I’ve run across. Ultimately, if not Windows Phone 8, then this is still applicable information pointing to a post-Windows Phone 7 version. Your mileage may vary.   With the Windows Phone 7 cat completely out of the bag, Microsoft is apparently moving on to…

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7 Things to Love about Windows Phone 7

  Well, today has been quite a day with the official announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series (formerly known as Windows Mobile 7) finally happening. Overall, I’ve seen nothing but excitement from all over the social media outlets and major news sites. That is a good great thing. So, in the spirit of all the…

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