Windows 8

Two months ago, I posted an extensive list of Windows 8 features and considerations. Amongst all of the information in that post, there was one person in particular who had listed on her resume a feature suggestion straight from the Hyper-V team that was shelved for Windows 8 inclusion. Well, I just ran across another profile on LinkedIn which contains a supporting mention of Hyper-V features going into Windows 8. To quote the profile directly:


Working on Hyper-V features for Win8 in the Platform and Management Extendability team, which is part of the Windows Core OS Kernel Group.


I guess at this point, I’m curious as to if these are features that are going to go into client, server, or both (most likely, only server). All the roadmaps I’ve seen so far with Windows 8 getting a mention have all been related to Server, so… as always, this is all speculation for the time being. We all know just how much plans change internally.




  1. Unless they specifically mention the client platform, I wouldn’t read too much into this because Server 2008R2 already has Hyper-V in it… and thats in the “Windows Core OS Kernel”

  2. Are you a journalist or a stalker?

  3. LinkedIn stalking is healthy. :D

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