• Health Benefits of Pomegranates

    Health Benefits of Pomegranates

    Pomegranates are delicious in salads and syllabubs, with goat’s cheese, and in numerous recipes, both savoury and sweet. They have also long been a symbol of fertility, presumably ...
  • Health Benefits of Spirulina

    Health Benefits of Spirulina

    Spirulina is a food supplement made from tiny bacteria that are found in abundance in East Africa. It has been used as a food supplement since ancient times, when Aztecs skimmed sp...
  • Spinach and Sweet Potato Salad

    Spinach and Sweet Potato Salad

    After a wonderful, ridiculous weekend in Montreal this Easter, my friend Julia and I have decided we are beginning a new, healthier life. This may only last a week, but today I wen...
  • What You Don’t Know About Saffron

    What You Don’t Know About Saffron

    This spice is worth its weight in gold. It holds the title as the world's most expensive spice, and not just by a few dollars. Fortunately it's reasonably affordable because it has...
5 Must Know Facts About Garlic

5 Must Know Facts About Garlic

FLAVOR AND AROMA The amount of flavor and aroma that uncooked garlic has depends on how much you cut it. It will have the strongest smell when you puree or mash it. Minced or chopped it's a little less aromatic. When it's just sliced it has a very mild smel...
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