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Unfortunately, I don’t have a roadmap screenshot for this one but I’m sure one will make its way down the pike here soon enough. What I do happen to have is what appears to be an insider throwing out a mention of what the next version of Office will be code-named and when it is planned to hit the market.

On Fred Morrison’s popular SharePoint blog, a user with, “insider insight” (aka a Microsoft employee) responded to a post regarding SharePoint 2010 workflow development using WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) 4.0 with the following:

Couple of things on Office 14’s workflow you mentioned above:
– Office 14 (or SharePoint 2010 to use your words) won’t be supporting .NET 4 and WF 4.
– Office 14 still uses workflow foundation 3.5 and .NET 3.5 and you wont get the same benefits compared to when you use only .NET 4 solutions in custom development.
– The workflow platform for WF 4 was indeed rewritten from the ground up and is a much better platform, however, we will have to wait for Office 2013 (or Office 15) before we can use this for SharePoint development.
– WF4 does provide some out of the box sharepoint activities, but these are very different from SharePoint’s workflow and is built by the WF team, rather than the Office 2010 team.

Two things to note are that the comment was posted back in January, so the 2013 mention could be outdated by now, and even though he does indeed seem to be speaking via an informed perspective (aka a Microsoft employee’s perspective), this is merely an observation I’ve made and, ultimately, speculation until confirmed otherwise. I know it seems as though Office 15 was the obvious code name for the next version of Office (seeing it as Windows 8 is following Windows 7 and, “Office 2013″ would put the next version of Office right in line to meet the projected 3-year development cycle Microsoft adheres to), but plenty of people put their foot in their mouth when Microsoft randomly made the decision to choose Office 14 in lieu of Office 13 for superstitious reasons (which I covered in my article, “Why did Microsoft Skip Office 13?“).

As soon as I can dig up one of those roadmaps I’m so fond of running across, I’ll be sure to slap it up here! Let the speculation commence…



  1. isn’t office 13 “mac office 08″?

  2. It would make sense to say yes, but unfortunately, it’s not. Microsoft inadvertently (meaning, via employees as opposed to PR) made it clear that 13 was skipped for what is ultimately a stupid reason (well, what I find to be a stupid reason, at least). lol.


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