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In my never-ending quest for Office 14 information, I’ve run across yet another roadmap. From November 2008, this one seems to line up Office 14 as being wrapped up in 2009 since there’s no mention of it in “Future”. Curiously, Windows 7 is showing up as “Future” instead of CY2009, so this is either a slightly dated roadmap or perhaps Microsoft just played it safe in this one by not making any guarantees of a 2009 release. Then again, Azure is mentioned and that was only made public 3 months ago, so I don’t see this as being too terribly dated of a roadmap.

Also of note are the references to Windows Mobile 7 and its beta. Apparently, Microsoft isn’t going to guarantee a 2009 release for it, either. Have a look-see:



  1. *Microsoft* Internet Explorer n?
    Is that the new mobile version?

  2. Hmm.. I wonder what made you pull the ‘First Office 14 Screenshot?’ post.

  3. Anonymous 1: The ‘n’ stands for “next.” It’s what they use to represent the version of a product after the one that’s currently being developed. So, you might see “Microsoft Office n” or “Windows Server n”, etc.

    Anonymous 2: It wasn’t ready yet; I accidentally hit post. lol. It’s up now, though.


  4. yeah i see it now. For a second I thought you published a real, non-public screen shot of Office 14 and were instantly pounded by a team of menacing MSFT Lawyers. LOL

  5. Why are there Betas in different colors? Also, why Windows Azure is missing any kind of branding?

  6. I don’t think it’s a surprise that Windows Mobile 7 is Future. Most of what I’ve read lately has it coming in 2010.

    WM 6.5, not listed in that roadmap, is supposed to come in 2009.


  7. I believe the image to be old. My reasons for this are:

    Azure and Oslo are missing any kind of branding. But most importantly, BizTalk Services has been renamed to .NET services some time ago (at least the beginning of November when I attended TechEd Barcelona).

    So this is probably outdated info.

  8. @ above

    I see the words “Windows Azure” in the pic.

  9. Microsoft Fiscal Year end on june 30, so I’m pretty sure CY2009 in this roadmap refer to fiscal year 2009 which end in june 2009. So Windows Mobile 7 could be ready from FY2010 which begin on july 2009 !

  10. I don’t think Microsoft is evening guaranteeing Windows 7 will be launched in 2009 at all.

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