Windows Mobile 7


I’ve been keeping tabs on Microsoft’s usage of the term “Windows Phone 7″ in place of “Windows Mobile 7″ lately and its frequency of occurrence is increasing. Though many of the Microsoft communities have picked up on the term and started using it, seeing it straight from Microsoft only offers confirmation. On January 29, 2010, I found a reference of “Windows Phone 7” on Microsoft’s events website — the Energize IT 2010 event to be held in Canada on March 30, 2010. There, a session titled “From the Client to the Cloud V 2.0″ contained a Windows Phone 7 reference which has since then been replaced with “Windows Mobile.” To recap, here’s a screen shot of the event’s description followed by a link to the event page:

Windows Phone 7
Link: Windows Phone 7 @ Energize IT 2010


Now, another Canadian Energize IT event has surfaced on containing the Windows Phone 7 verbiage. Here’s a screen shot (since I’m sure this one will be changed soon as well):


Windows Phone 7


Is it safe to say now that “Windows Mobile 7″ has finally taken a back seat to “Windows Phone 7″ as would be thought to happen with “Windows Mobile” being re-branded “Windows Phone?” I think so. Especially when taking into consideration the fact that they replaced “Windows Phone 7″ with “Windows Mobile” on the event description I dug up back in January. Oh, and @tom_warren (of Neowin fame) on Twitter has a couple of interesting Windows Phone 7 points you may want to take a look at, too.


If there were any doubts left in your mind that Windows Mobile 7 / Windows Phone 7 would be mentioned at Mobile World Congress this month, let all of them be cast aside!




  1. How about this Tweet from the Microsoft Partner Network:

    Steve Ballmer to host Windows Phone Press Conference on Feb 15. Watch live or on-demand: (via @msuspartner)

  2. My understanding is that “Windows Phone” is the name of a specific platform type, like PocketPC used to be, and that the OS itself will still be named Windows Mobile.

  3. it looks promising
    i am waiting for it

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