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So, the latest buzz I’ve picked up on lately is this craze going around about an OS secretly being developed within Microsoft with the codename “Midori.” Unfortunately, there are people getting the facts (of which there only exists a couple of at the moment) confused with fiction and such a reaction has prompted me to go ahead and straighten out the myths/rumors/facts about this new OS before this perpetuates into something ridiculous and just plain wrong.

The Great Misconception: Codename “Midori” is Windows 8 and ultimately the new code base for each subsequent Windows release thereafter.

The Facts:

- Codename Midori has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Windows at this time. Yes, that means Windows 8 (which has actually been *rumored* to have the codenames “Orient” or “Mystic,” which I first mentioned here) and 9.

- Codename Midori IS tied heavily to Singularity, in that it is an OS written in managed code.

Q: So, where has Microsoft mentioned this supposed OS that you’re obtaining your facts from, Stephen?

A: At the time of this writing, you can download the following document straight from Microsoft’s servers: Download Search for the word “Midori” to see where it is located in the document.

Now, what started this whole “Midori” fiasco is Mary Jo Foley originally writing that “Midori” will supposedly supersede Windows and is in some sort of “incubation state,” meaning it’s supposedly closer to being marketed than other Microsoft Research projects typically are. Now, regardless of what the plans are internally for “Midori” NOW, history should denote the fact that plans change… and sometimes drastically. Basically, to assume Midori to be ANY version of Windows at this time is to jump the gun in a MAJOR way. Now, don’t confuse assumption for theorizing.

“Midori” may very well end up superseding Windows but lets not get all up in arms about it yet! I’ve seen everything from people blaming Microsoft and assuming that “Midori’s” existence means that Windows 7 efforts are going to be lazy to the aforementioned assumption that “Midori” is indeed the codename for Windows 8; nevermind the ridiculous and completely unmerited mention of Windows 9! (Someone trying to generate website traffic much, hmm?) lol.

Codename “Midori”: Windows 8? Not at this time. The future Windows? Perhaps.


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