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First, for those of you who have no idea what the heck, “OM NOM NOM” means, here you go:

Om nom nom: The sound made when someone eats ravenously; made famous by Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. See exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Now that you know, here’s how to make Windows 7 taste OM NOM NOM (click the pic for a full-res version):

Talk about a… FROSTED look for AERO’s glass border, huh!? *cough, cough* Oh, and I believe the text is in Russian (which I can’t read), so if you’re a Russian viewer of my blog, feel free to translate for us!

Now, if you’re baffled as to how the heck a cake was made with such a pristine-looking image, there’s a way to take a picture and transpose it to edible art, essentially. Cake makers use such methods to produce results like what you see here. Anyway, this sure has been a pointless post… but at least you know how an image like that can be put on a cake now (if you didn’t already)! For a more meaningful post, make sure to catch my Bing cashback article. If you shop online and enjoy saving money at every corner, it’s not an article to be missed!

Oh, and see? You thought exhibit A had nothing to do with this post beyond, “om nom nom.” Everyone loves cake! Especially a Windows 7 cake.


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  1. Lol I like the idea of the cake. I wonder what flavor it is :)

    The text below in Russian means "С днем Сиетемного Администратора" but i don't know what the 3rd word means … But it seems to be for a celebration according to an administrator ;)

  2. It says "Happy sysadmin day", in reference to

    I wish I worked there.

  3. Additionally, the messagebox says "EVERYTHING IS WORKING! What to do now? – [Sleep] [blurred] [blurred]". Title is too blurred to see too.

  4. I don’t know russian but I’ll finish the translation:

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