Man, Windows 7 really is the talk of the town today. With it being the official launch of Windows 7, there are all kinds of deals and promotions going on. I’ve seen deals on Windows 7 on Newegg,, many of the sites that list deals all in one place, people giving away copies of Windows 7 for helping promote it and all kinds of other stuff. This, though, is one of the, “other stuff” that was too good not to post:


Windows 7 Whopper


Is there anyone out there who can actually get one of these and take pictures? This is absolutely hysterical!


Source: Windows 7 Whopper


UPDATE: Thanks to Leith Blade in the comments below for posting this video, where you can see this burger in action:





  1. from what i can understand… since i now work for burger king… is that this is a promotion only going on in japan/china for this week only. its assumed that marketing is just offering this burger for sale as somewhat of a joke/promotion… people wont really buy them.. will they? but if they do im sure it would cost at least $15 to buy.
    we didnt hear anything about this promotion here in Tenessee…

  2. Ummm, this is fake. First off, it’s written in Japanese, and second of all there are no Burger King’s in Japan. JP+BK=impossible

  3. johnwasinjapan: How does it being written in Japanese make it fake? Second:

    That pretty much says it all! A simple Google search for Burger King Japan brought that up. If you’re John and you were in Japan, I’d say you were in the wrong part of Japan. lol.

    Oh, and for good measure:


  4. Burger King has been in Japan since at least 2007. And McDonald’s has been there for much longer (the 1970s, I think).

    As for the cost, it’s right there: 777 yen, which according to Google is about $8.50. Which is pretty pricey for a burger, even with 7 patties.

    But I will say that gigantic burgers is American chains is a Japan tradition. I direct you to the MegaMac:

  5. I took the second photo mentioned by Stephen Chapman.
    Of course there are Burger King’s in Japan as well as tons of 7-11’s, McDonald’s, Denny’s, KFC, etc.
    My Japanese if far from good but I see that this advert mentions the dates 10/22 to 10/28 in the lower corner so you had better hurry. It also mentions 13 cm, about 5 inches, which must be the height. 113gm, about 4 ounces, must be the weight of individual meat patties.
    The cost? 777 Yen or about $8.46 in American dollars.

  6. I could see a bunch of fatties ordering this.

  7. I count 8 flame broiled patties…not 7.

  8. You need to learn how to count or get your eyes checked. :P

  9. I see three… thoroughly photoshopped.

  10. I have a full unwrapping and pictures.
    Email me for details

  11. well.. fellow employees have reported seeing this on local news channels with video of a woman who managed to eat the whole dern thing…
    im kinda surprised by the price though. Since a single whopper is like $3 something, the double is like $4 something, and the triple is $5 something, it seemed logical to me that it cost about $9.99 … but for the amount of meat there its a good price.
    Just so people understand..
    Most burger kings are now using what is known as a flexible batch broiler, which means that only a certain number of patties can be broiled at the same time, typically a pan of whopper meat is 8 patties that take 2:20 to cook. small burger/junior meat is 12 patties @ 2 minutes, steakhouse is 6 patties @ 4:45.

  12. damn! man the folks at could learn a lesson or 2 from the size of this burger…is there an option to supersize it? lol

    and we wonder why people have horrible eating habits…lol


  13. LOL, one of the first articles I read when noticing the site move to MSFT Kitchen. :D

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