Check this out. While taking a look at the traffic to/from my site, I decided to check the percentage of that traffic arriving from search engines. Of that traffic, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how good Bing appears to be doing! Check out the following graph:




While those results are unusual for today (the percentage is typically in Google’s favor by a wide margin, which it is here, but only when you tally all of Google’s sites together), what I have noticed over time is a small but steady increase of Bing traffic to my site. Much more than I *ever* saw out of MSN, that’s for sure. I know I’m simply mirroring what a lot of us have already said, but Microsoft seems to have done things right this time around with Bing. It makes me smile in my heart just a little bit. ;)




  1. Nice… What statistics package did you use to get this data?

  2. Totally agree with Bing being awesome. Use it all the time if I ever need to search the web. However, the thing I most like about Bing is how Microsoft did not just create (or should I say re-create) their search service to be another me-too Google alternative. Its truly something different and better.

    Call me crazy, but I strongly feel Microsoft knows user interface design and user experience better than Google and their too overly-simplistic designs.

    Living the ‘M’ life is awesome and it keeps getting better! Your not the only one living it Stephen! There are plenty of people like us out their who feel the same way about Microsoft products. (The ‘M’ stands for Microsoft BTW)

  3. Google Analytics? :P

    Serously, how did you get these stats? All I can see on my site is how many hits their bots have had on my site.

    And, interesting info about Bing. I use it almost exclusively for searching. I only switch to Google when I cannot find something with Bing, but you know what, when I can’t find it on Bing, I usually can’t find it on Google either!

  4. Alan Burchill and Matthew: Statcounter! Great analytics service. Definitely check ‘em out. I’ve tried Google Analytics and while it’s great, I’m quite partial to Statcounter.

    Interframe: I couldn’t agree more. It’s always nice to hear from another Microsoft fan, so thanks for commenting and lending your support. I think a lot of people are simply not interested in proclaiming Microsoft as their company of choice for software/services, because when you do, you open yourself up to the barrage of haters out there who are always so vocal. Personally, I say, “bring ‘em on.” ;)


  5. Only 2.5% Bing on my site, though mine has low traffic and is only updated about monthly. I’m trying REALLY hard to like Bing, and it has some real innovations like the interface and recommended subsequent queries, but the relevance of the SERPs leaves a lot to be desired. I hope it continues to improve so that the delta between Bing and Google referrals shrinks considerably!

  6. I’m unfortunately not very swayed by Bing… Heck, it doesn’t even have the corresponding US product search facility here – MS is just using a third party site for that. :p And accuracy-wise, I haven’t been impressed. It’s kind of like Google. It could be nice with some better competition though, to put pressure on innovation. But I’m far from rooting for Bing…

  7. I agree. I’m trying hard to like Bing. Not because it is an MS product, but because it is an alternative to Google and Yahoo. OK, Google – we all know Yahoo results are more than lacking! :)

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