Health Benefits of Olive Leaf

Most people are at least partially familiar with the health benefits of olive oil, which is famous for its promotion of wellbeing. But the lesser-known leaves of the olive plant can also be very good for you too. Olive leaves can be manufactured into essential oils and liquid extracts. However, one of the most popular ways of consuming olive leaves are to make olive leaf tea. This can be bought in the form of teabags, or made by steeping fresh olive leaves in boiling water and then straining and drinking the liquid.

Olive leaf tea is said to help against various cold and fly symptoms, including sore heads, blocked noses, and earache, as well as combating cystitis. Poultices made from the cold tea are meant to be effective against a range of common and discomforting conditions, including conjunctivitis, warts, boils and spots and rashes. In these cases, the poultice should be applied to the afflicted area for around fifteen minutes at regular intervals – the exact timings depend on the problem that you are attempting to treat.

Like olive oil, olive leaves are believed to have a number of anti- ageing effects, including decreasing the effects of aging free radicals on the skin. Olive leaf extracts can have extremely high levels of vitamin C, which works to promote general health as well as having some anti-aging effects.

Olive leaf is particularly noted for its use in preventing the growth of fungus and yeast infections – in various forms, it can be used to treat fungal nail infections, vaginal thrush, athlete’s foot and many other unsightly and unpleasant complaints.

Supplements containing olive leaf products may also be useful in treating forms of herpes, including genital herpes and the more common manifestation of cold sores. In either case, consuming olive leaf products can cause blisters to lessen or disappear – however, you should check with your doctor before assuming that your herpes are cured.

Olive leaf products are also said to promote a feeling of wellbeing and energy. For this reason, they are sometimes recommended as being suitable for people who suffer from chronic fatigue. While olive leaf tea or extract is unlikely to be suitable to replace any medication that has been prescribed by a doctor, it may boost your energy levels and help you to overcome constant feelings of tiredness.

Olive leaves are stuffed with antioxidants. This makes them valuable in reducing the risk of cancer. Some preliminary scientific research has suggested that olive leaves may have a particular role to play in fighting breast cancer and prostate cancer. Although studies are promising, they are still at early stages – if you are a cancer patient, ask your consultant’s advice before introducing regular or large amounts of olive leaf products into your diet.

You can buy olive leaf tea at most health food stores – they sometimes also stock a liquid extract made from olive leaves, as well as capsules, pills and powders.

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