Why Is Kale So Special?

When you buy kale, look for leaves that are firm and dark in color. They shouldn’t show any signs of wilting or getting brown, and not have any holes. Small leaves are best because they don’t have as strong a flavor as large ones. When you get it home, put it unwashed into an airtight bag and keep it in the refrigerator. It will stay fresh for five to seven days. Much longer than that, it can begin to taste bitter. When you are ready to cook, rinse the leaves thoroughly to remove any dirt. There are many choices for ways to cook it other than with other foods.


Cut it into small pieces and let it sit for about five minutes before steaming it to bring out all their healthy goodness and great flavor.


Tone down the sharp taste, even though you lose a little of the vitamins. It’s worth it if you don’t like a strong bitter taste.


This is a slow way of cooking it, and tenderizes the tough leaves. It gives extra time for the other things you are cooking with it, like bacon and tomato, to flavor the greens.

Stir frying and sauteing are other tasty ways to cook kale.

If you are just getting into the kale revolution, you might wonder how to get it into your diet. Add it to pasta sauce, soups and stews, scrambled eggs, and mix it in with other vegetables. Bake it in the oven to make chips for a nutritious snack. Some people think it’s even tastier than potato chips! To eat it raw, add it to your favorite green smoothie, and make delicious salads.

There are other popular ways to enjoy kale. Any way you choose to eat it, you’ll know you’re eating healthy!

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