Specialty Pans – A Fun Way To Bake

There are a number of specialty pans that either take some of the work out of baking or give great ways to do fun projects.


Got a sudden yen for a donut, but don’t want to go to all the trouble to fry them? Good news – a donut pan to the rescue. Baked donuts are a lot easier to make and are a lot healthier. The pans are non-stick and so can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Many have recipes included and come with a long warranty, in both standard and mini sized. For even more fun they are available for heart-shaped and twisted donuts. There’s even one for donut holes! A number of companies make them at various prices. This is a great project for kids.


If you’ve ever tried to make chocolate eclairs and had a hard time to make them the right shape, this pan is for you. It has twelve cavities, and you just pour the batter into them. They come out looking bakery made! The same pan can be used to make lady fingers and cream-filled sponge cakes (yes, you can make your own Twinkies!)


What fun to make your own ice cream sandwiches! This pan makes cookies a uniform size and just the right thickness. After your cookies are cooled you spread a layer of slightly softened ice cream between two cookies. You can freeze leftovers to have a treat for another day.


There are a number of different pans for making cake pops and some include bamboo pop sticks.


This is a fascinating stove top griddle that makes seven 3-inch round waffles. It’s just the right size for two people, but the waffles could be kept warm to make more. They are great for small appetites, and are fun for children.


One company has cake pans that are 2-7 inches in diameter, and there are pie pans that are 5-6 inches besides tart pans. These are great for one or two people, and make great gifts or something different for bake sales. If you are just learning to do cake decorating or want to experiment with new techniques, the small size works very well. Make a little cake for each member of the family so they’ll have their very own. Besides everything else, these small sizes are just plain cute! You can find the pans by googling small cake or small pie pans.


There are so many pans for doing baked goods in miniature. Most have several cavities in one pan, which makes it easy to get in and out of the oven. These include pans for quick breads, meatloaf, bundt cakes, biscuits, scones, popovers and brownies. The brownies don’t have to be cut and they’re all the same. Then there are individual mini springform pans for cheesecake and bundt cakes.

This is a sampling of the many pans available. If you want to try something a little different and have a little fun, this is a great place to start. You’ll have a new adventure, and your family will love it!

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