Food Lovers Diet

Hmmm, a food lover’s diet.  Does that mean you can eat anything you like and blame that growing waistline on it?  Do you find yourself daydreaming about a delicious meal?  Do you eat to love and love to eat?  I mean, who doesn’t love to eat?  You just might be a food lover!

Let’s face it.  Eating is an emotional experience.  Food is comfort, and good food is a pleasure.  We want to enjoy it as much as we can. We celebrate with lip smacking servings and medicate our disappointments with some sweet delicacy.  That  second helping is on our plates and gone before we think about it; we eat more luscious desserts than we should and  push away from a meal feeling like we are going to need a wheel barrow to roll us away from the table—all because we love food.   It can be a real problem, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

While loving food and watching ones weight may appear incompatible, the two sentiments do not have to be mutually exclusive. How can that be?

If the premise is true —that cutting calorie intake results in weight loss— then we can begin to see the possibilities.  And, yes, some commercial diet plans that optimize glycemic levels and permit you to prepare foods you love or  to use prepackaged foods making the body burn fat as opposed to storing it may work, but listening to the cds and reading all the content to follow all the directions provided can be onerous.  Too, eating the same food over and over (even if it tastes good to you) can become wearisome.

So, let’s go back to the premise, cutting caloric intake results in weight loss.  Can you eat some of your favorite foods but learn to manage the portion size and reduce the amount of calories you consume.  Of course, you can.

A terrific way to  control calorie intake is to learn portion control.  A skill to learn is the ability to  visualize a portion size.  It will take some time and some practice, but it is a skill you can master.  The Mayo Clinic uses tennis balls, baseballs, dice, and hockey pucks as sizes to help you see the portion size of vegetables, meats, and fruits. Once  you learn to see what a portion size should be, you will be on your way.  Controlling portion size is the first step in controlling caloric intake and that is the key to achieving your weight loss goals while eating foods you love.

Another way to enjoy the foods you love and to enjoy them is by using tasty cooking methods to prepare your meals.  Grilling, as opposed to frying, and using marinades and herbs or other seasonings can make your favorite foods tasty and healthier.

You can even enjoy sweets and satisfy your sweet tooth if you keep the total calorie count to abput 500 per week.  The secret is to make yummy meals so they meet the scrumptious standard and make us feel less deprived.  That is the secret a food lover’s diet!

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