Callos and white rice overload

I’m sure you can relate! Pigging out during a celebration. Diet on hold when served a comfort food. Or, even forgetting one’s name while savoring delicious dishes.

That’s me.

It’s fun most times. Other times it’s tummy bulging grief. One thing I love about those moments – I clearly remember the taste of the food, the texture, the combination of flavors, the colors, the ingredients I can identify by taste. I remember.

This kind of Callos had more of the tomato sauce. This had more of the tripe that has been cleaned thoroughly without even the slightest tinge of aftertaste. This kind was the kind served in fancy restaurants. As a poor man’s dish, the Callos has been elevated to my list as tops. It’s hard to replicate the good ones (believe me, I have tried!)! Even my mom finds it hard.

It takes skill. It needs a lot of patience. It’s a lifetime affair. This is very good Spanish Callos. I had it at Poco Deli, Ayala Triangle.

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  1. Oh boy… I’m crazy about callos. But dear, I don’t take it with rice. Please don’t overload with rice, it’s too sugary 😉

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