Basic Bulalo Bonding!

Comfort… Don’t we all pine for comfort? Comfortable shoes, comfortable couch, comfortable shirt, comfortable bed, comfortable eyeglasses, comfortable friends, and the list goes on!

In food, we often crave dishes that will do just that! For me, it’s hot and piping soup (light and thin, not thick and creamy) with lots of vegetables! I want “sawsawan” or dip as a side to it – fish sauce with calamansi and red bird’s eye chili! I can taste it now! Bulalo!

What else can you ask for? Hmmmm… the beef shanks give out all the goodness of the beef in the soup. The tender meat falls off from the bone (boiled and simmered at least 6 hours). The sweetness of the cabbage, potatoes, green beans adds to the flavors of herbs and spices – onion leeks, ginger and garlic. The dip gives the flavors the contrast to appreciate each of them with every bite. Hmmmm… Add some corn on the cob to balance everything in place.

This is comfort!

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  1. Everything should be in balance, especially with the food. Than the comfort will take place on the auto pilot, you know.

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