A delicious happenstance

It was meant to be… I laid eyes on you, I knew you’ll be great, I got you and took you home, I will never forget you! That was the bowl of shawarma rice I happened upon at Il Mercanti, Metrowalk!

DELICIOUS! Oh, and did I say super friendly on the pocket?

Meshwe, a Lebanese food specialty kiosk, had ALL the right flavors! A Lebanese word that means grill, Meshwe serves 101% authentic Lebanese fares – my first taste of this cuisine. Yes, I’ve tried and loved some of them Middle Eastern, Persian and Iranian, but Lebanese, my first.

For P100, every bite of my shawarma rice bowl made of grilled chicken, bukhari rice ( a word I need to familiarize myself with! Love it!), sliced tomatoes, salsa and Meshwe’s special garlic sauce was so worth it! The rice had those tastes of spices intermingled with lemon. The rice might not be basmati but every bit had flavors I will not forget. The garlic sauce was a frothy yogurt with garlic dip that will have one thinking how it was made. It was so good!

Muhallabia is another word I should remember! It’s the P30 dessert of very light creamy and rosy (rose-flavored) yogurt topped with crushed pistachios (lots of them!)… I should have bought the other tub left.

I normally don’t write this way. What with my theatric words and drama! But I am out of words right now! Meshwe took them all away with each and every enchanting morsel!

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