When delicious flavors collide

I can’t help but sigh. Contentment. A cool rainy day of good eats and heartwarming girl talk with my best food buddy at Bizu.

How can I forget the lyonnaise potatoes drizzled with garlic mayo sauce beside a crisp and tasty duck confit? And how can I ever forget the soft as butter duck confit?! I was reminded to consume the salad to give my decadence some balance.

One tiltillating dish to another… The 10-hour roast beef was to die for! I forgot where I was. It transported me to good times, to the best ones! The texture of the meat was heaven to my palate. The flavors complemented one another. It was like the rainbow and the sun after the rain. How can another dish best this one? I was enthralled.

I forgot all. I consumed each and every bit on the plate. I wiped clean the sauce with the bread served together with the meal. I am in bliss land!

I knew of course that the perfect ending to this perfect meal would be macarons: earl grey is now my newfound macaron love. It will end this perfect meal with a proper delicious seal.